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Published: October 29, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

17 JUNE 2017: After slimming down to a svelte 31 pounds, Zeus can't take his eyes off the gorgeous brute in the mirror (see photo!). Yesterday we finally heard him bark at the neighborhood rottweiler, enemy #1 of our beagles. Zeus is companionable with cats and adores children. He loves to go on power walks.

15 JUNE 2017: More important datum about Zeus, beagle god: he sits and lays down on command. Every person and dog he sees is his friend (except for one exceptionally cute non-beagle!). Sometimes he goes into the crate just to see what life is like on the other side but comes back out soon after. Going out in the yard is OK but Zeus ultimately prefers being with the humans.

It's so much fun to watch the joy Zeus takes in living life. He rolls happily on his back in the grass or gazes up at the stars with a faraway look in his eyes. No wonder Zeus was named Best Smile and Most Laid Back of his graduating class. Zeus continues to manage himself competently in the house, with no relapses in etiquette. We have yet to hear him bark or see him be anything but a complete sweetheart with all humans and other animals.

12 JUNE 2017: Zeus has charmed everyone in our neighborhood.  Anthony, who takes our beagles on their afternoon walks and knows a thing or two about foster dogs reported about Zeus:   Zeus was so good for me and gave me a warm welcome, he's such a good walker! He's awesome! (Thanks, Anthony, for the pics!)

Zeus sleeps through the night and will tolerate the crate if it's absolutely necessary. See the mighty Zeus at adoption day and remember those burnt offerings!

11 JUNE 2017: If Zeus is living with us, this must be Mount Olympus! Like the god of man and gods, Zeus the beagle cuts an imposing figure at 15 inches tall and about 35 pounds. He is a lovely pumpkin pie/butterscotch pudding color with fabulous markings on his legs. His fur and ears are so soft you cannot help but adore this boy! Zeus the doggod does not need to use lightning to bring peace among the beagle clan, our pack welcomed him to share their beds with no growling or barking, he is revered by all. Zeus loves to cuddle, sitting in your lap while you watch TV or stretched out on the bed. He loves kids and walks easily on the leash. When we got into a conversation with a neighbor, he settled himself in the cool grass to wait. Zeus is house-savvy; he climbs the stairs and has had no accidents, he does his business on the leash. He enjoys hikes and was the first to detect the deer but did not pull or lose his doggod-like stately manner. Zeus is definitely food motivated but in a very polite way! In addition, he is a quiet boy who loves to ride in the car.

First impressions: Zeus is a 5-year-old neutered male who is a little chunky and very friendly.  He was a stray from the Amelia County Animal Shelter so his history is unknown. Zeus is available for fostering or adoption. Stay tuned as we get to know him better!

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