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Published: June 22, 2018

I'm Available and Looking for a Foster Home!

UPDATE - 5 AUGUST 2018: Zema is back to looking for a new foster home. We discovered she loves her humans, but we think she would do better in a home with no other dogs. She doesn't like other dogs competing for snuggle time!

UPDATE - 1 AUGUST 2018: How many times have you longed for the companionship of someone with the body of Winnie the Pooh and the schnozz of Jimmy Durante? Someone who has the manners to tap on the door when you are in the bathroom but who is so impolite as to cannonball your head while you are sleeping? If you are shouting Yes! Many times! Zema is the dog for you. The vet has pronounced her remarkably healthy with a lovely plush coat. At a svelte 40.4 pounds, Zema is a bundle of love. She is a true adventuress who is supremely happy riding around in the car or hiking in the woods.

UPDATE - 23 JULY 2018: One thing we learned about Zema during adoption day is that she prefers human company to that of dogs. Zema gets along well with a less dominant male in our house and she and the resident female had a scuffle to come to an understanding. So Zema may do best as an only dog or with a more submissive canine (probably male) companion. She adores human attention and puts up with all kinds of shenanigans from her foster parents without a complaint. Zema also withstood a long time indoors during the rainstorms without having an accident.

UPDATE - 17 JULY 2018: Quick update on Zema after 2 days in her foster home - looks like she loves kids, but due to her size and energy level she can come across as overwhelming for some. Housetraining seems pretty good! All who meet Zema fall instantaneously in love with her. Her nickname is Zema Waddlebutts which is also her Marvel alias.

UPDATE - 15 JULY 2018 (from Zema's new foster mom): Zema joined our household today and has already made quite an impression. She will be seeking humans who are in need of intense love and attention: Zema will be showering kisses on her humans, jumping on them, plumping in their laps should they sit on the floor or collapsing across them on the sofa. Zema has an outsize personality and a sweet, joyful nature. She is hairy so fans of the shed-less dog need not apply. Zema is fun to walk on the leash and she at last peed after much standing around waiting; we expect this to improve. Zema is a roly-poly large-boned girl with a face like Telly Savalas. Come meet her at adoption day.

UPDATE - 14 JULY 2018: Zema is going to a foster home tomorrow and will be joining us at the adoption event on the 21st!

NEW - 22 JUNE 2018: Zema is a 2-year-old spayed beagle mix. She’s a stout "little" girl who weighs 40 pounds and has a playful personality. She is friendly and good with other dogs. She was a stray in Abingdon Animal Shelter in Virginia, so her history is unknown. She is available for fostering or adoption.

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