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Published: June 7, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 3 JULY 2018: He's your favorite quirky guy! Yondu loves kids and they love him and his soft satiny coat. Now that he is settled in, Yondu is a much more adventurous eater, and is practically a foodie! Yondu exudes good will, and as his pictures attest, he is always smiling!

UPDATE - 22 JUNE 2018: Yondu visited the vet tonight and we were thrilled to discover that he is at the perfect weight at 26.8 pounds. We were concerned because sometimes when we feed him, he refuses to eat, so we were convinced that he was dreadful sick. However, Yondu is just a picky eater; he is like the best co-worker you ever had who won't eat the chocolate cake at the office party because he only likes Dorito's and plain yogurt. Not food-motivated, check. Another factoid about Yondu: he can be quite stubborn or as he likes to call it, self-directed. He might refuse to budge on the evening stroll or opt to listen to the birds singing on the front lawn instead of doing his duty. Sweet words and loving pets can convince him otherwise. Yondu is known world-wide as the best chum ever. He is a sweet little fuzzy boy who lays in the kitchen and thumps his tail just to hear you talking to your spouse.

UPDATE - 18 JUNE 2018 (from Yondu's new foster family): This Yondu is loads of fun. He is like the best co-worker you ever had who always laughs at your jokes no matter how many times he hears them. Plus he is super strong and always able to pick up the filing cabinet! So far, Yondu has loved everyone he has met, adults, children, and other animals. He poops and pees while on the leash. Yondu loves to canter while you're leading him but he is always manageable. Nothing fazes him except the television; he is determined to free the people trapped inside the little box! Yondu was so surprised to be picked up for a rock in the rocking chair but once he figured it out, he fell in to a deep sleep splayed across his foster mom's lap. He has a clue about housetraining but is still perfecting it. Yondu takes the stairs like a champ and he likes riding in the car. This smart boy easily got out of the crate while we shopping and was waiting for us calmly beside the door.

UPDATE - 16 JUNE 2018: Yondu went to a foster home today, so stay tuned as we get to know him better!

NEW - 7 JUNE 2018: Yondu is a 4-year-old neutered male beagle boy weighing a healthy 27 pounds who is ready to jump off the truck and find a forever home. He’s super sweet, friendly and gets along well with other dogs. He has been passed around by hunters and spent a week in the back of a pickup truck trying to find a place to go. He was rescued in a Tractor Supply parking lot in Louisa County, Virginia, with little history. He is available for fostering or adoption.

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