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Published: February 13, 2012

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

9/3:  Yahoo is an energetic dog.  He loves running around the yard.  And running.  And running.  He is a great playmate for the other dogs in the house – he is usually leading a game of chase.  Yahoo also loves to wrestle.  If no one is available for play, he will toss toys around by himself.  And sometimes Yahoo will play fetch.  Given his energy, Yahoo should have a fenced yard where he can play and explore.

Yahoo does settle down nicely.  He loves to cuddle.  A favorite place for him is on the back of the chair with his head resting on my shoulder.  Yahoo also gives nice little kisses.  Yahoo has been good with the kids he has met.

Yahoo also likes to check stuff out.  He will collect things and drag them around the house.  But he hasn’t destroyed anything more than magazines and newspapers.

Yahoo can be a bit shy around strangers, but he opens up quickly.  A couple of treats or pets and you’ll have a friend for life.

As far as beagles go, Yahoo isn’t a big barker.  Yahoo will bark at the wildlife and neighbor dogs, but isn’t noisy inside unless he is very excited (like when my husband was singing badly!).

He is house trained and knows how to use the doggy door.  In typical beagle fashion, he is a fast eater and loves his treats.  Yahoo is a nice size – about 15 inches at the shoulder and 35 pounds.  And the pictures speak for how gorgeous he is.



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  1. Phyllis

    Yahoo makes it easy to get great videos. Yahoo had a great day at adoption day yesterday. He loved visiting with all the people, but was very happy to get home and stretch those long legs of his. He and foster brother Blueberry went immediately outside and started a game of chase.

  2. Yahoo’s videos are awesome! He is such a beagle-y beagle! I had to laugh at him playing with the water bottle. One of my boy beagles loves to find a water bottle (full or empty) and chew on the plastic lid and the ring around the neck of the bottle. And throw the whole thing up in the air and do ti all over again!

  3. Carrie

    Is Yahoo still available? I put an application in on Friday. Where is he located?


  4. Joyce

    Can we apply to adopt Yahoo?

    • Laura w/ BREW


      Absolutely! The adoption application can be found on our website, either via the button in the middle of the page or under the Available Beagles menu item at the top.

  5. Joyce

    Zack in place of sack

  6. Joyce

    Is Yahoo still available? There is a. BREW Beaglefest happening in Park Ridge IL in May, we were thinking of attending. If Yahoo is still available we are considering an adoption. We have 2 boys age 12 and 10 who miss having a dog. Our previous beagle was a BREW adoption in 2004 but Sack (aka Joey) had to be put down in Aug 2010.

    • Missy

      Yahoo is with BREW not BREW Mid-West so he will not be at the IL Beaglefest.

      • Joyce

        Will we still be able to work something out?? If so how would that work? Yahoo sounds like a perfect fit for our family!!

  7. Jo Brown

    Love the action photos where his “low-ears” are lifted in playful happiness!! His markings remind me of my Lucky beagle (with some extra ticking) – a sweet, familiar, heart-melting beagle face! I hope Yahoo finds a home quickly!

  8. Steve

    Do you foster beagles in California?

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Steve, I’m sorry but we don’t. We are based in the DC metro area. I would recommend looking in to Cascade Beagle Rescue and I think there’s a SoCal Beagle Rescue as well.

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