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Published: February 3, 2014

I'm Available!

30 MARCH 2016: Woody is still hangin' out in his terrific foster home! His foster mom says, "He is a beagle with a Doxy  [dachshund] attitude.  He needs a quiet home with few visitors as he tends to guard the house against new people.  Although he is not on meds for epilepsy, it is controlled by a new food [Fromm's].  He may only have a seizure once a month."

13 AUGUST 2014: Well, it’s been a while since I got my foster-human to do an update on me.  These humans, they’re a LOT of work, and some are REALLY tough to train!

I have been back with BREW since last November; can you believe nobody has snatched me up yet?!  Well, OK, I did need some “Beagle Boot Camp”, but my attitude is MUCH better and I’m down to my ideal weight at 18 pounds. I don’t mean to sound conceited or anything, but I look GOOD!

I am doing really well in my foster home, but am still looking for the home that is mine FUREVER (as they say).  I am a strong-willed man, some humans have said I have a bit of “small dog syndrome” because I am on the small side, but that just makes me easier to snuggle, but if you stick to your guns I will listen, eventually.

I am house-trained, crate-trained and I loooooove car rides.  I live with other dogs, a couple cats and some full-grown humans.  I like to have my way and can be pretty adamant about it, so my foster humans do NOT think I would be a good match with the small humans, although teenagers would probably work for me.

I can be loud, and if I want something (usually food) that I am not getting, I can keep it up for a while, but usually I “talk” rather than bark.  You say something to me, I say something back, etc., but I get the definite feeling that the humans don’t understand what I’m saying. *sigh* Being a beagle man is TOUGH!

I now have FULL furniture privileges, although I do get temporarily “evicted” sometimes because I still can get a little nippy towards other dogs if they try to steal my spot or my attention.

So, looking for a pint-sized guy who knows what he wants, and is looking for a warm lap, a soft bed and somebody to share walks (or playtime in the yard) with?  If I don’t sound like your perfect match, there are lots of others “fish in the ocean” (or “beagles in the Rescue”, in this case), I just KNOW one of us would make you happy!

28 FEBRUARY 2014: As you can see from Woody's new photo, he is so proud to have "furniture privileges", even if it is only when he receives permission! [This photo is now part of his gallery shown below!]

31 JANUARY 2014: Woody was adopted from BREW in 2010.  Unfortunately, circumstances have him looking for a new home.  Woody’s family had a baby, and Woody was jealous of the new family member and did not adjust well, so for the safety of all involved it was decided that Woody come back to BREW and we would find him a new home.

Woody has spent some time in “beagle boot camp”, both to work on weight-loss (he was a bit rotund) and his attitude.  Woody likes to be the one to control who is allowed in the house, and in his opinion, nobody that doesn’t live there should be allowed.  This behavior is being addressed in his current foster home with a combination of techniques, and progress is being made, but his adoptive home will need to be willing to continue working with this issue.

Woody is crate- and house-trained, and has not showed any tendencies toward chewing anything other than doggie appropriate toys.  He LOVES to cuddle and gets along pretty well with other dogs, although he will give warning “snaps” if there is food or if another dog is trying to intrude on his getting attention.

Woody is epileptic, but it is well-controlled with daily medication administered with his morning and evening meal.

He will need a home that is firm as he was accustomed to having things too much his own way, and will periodically challenge his humans just to see “if they really mean it” when he is told to do something like go in his crate or move/get off the furniture.

If you’re looking for a new four-footed family member, and think you have room in your heart and your life for Woody, contact BREW and ask for more information.

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  1. Woody has been listed for a long time. How’s he doing?

    • Erin

      Hi – rest assured, Woody is still enjoying his foster home, but we’ve asked him for an update and will post that when available!

  2. Michele Crecca

    Hi Erin – Thanks for the reply. My husband and I will talk about it and get back to you. Thanks – Michele

  3. Michele Crecca

    Hi, we’ve been checking out Woody’s page for awhile now and wanted to ask if he will be at the adoption event in Bristow on the 15th? Thanks! Michele

    • Erin

      Hi, Michele – Woody is fostered in PA, so he unfortunately won’t be at the Bristow, VA event. If you’d like to start our application process, however, arrangements could be made to meet him outside of an event (or, it’s possible he may be at the Newark, DE event on the 15th – we don’t have a list for that yet). Dogs who will be at the Bristow event can be found HERE. Thanks for your interest!

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