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Published: March 27, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Female

Willow is the perfect lady-in-waiting. She waits patiently for us to return home from work and is so happy to see us! She waits patiently and quietly for her food, she waits patiently and quietly at the back door, she waits anxiously at the front door for walks, but still quiet. She waits patiently and quietly curled up at my feet while I’m on the computer, or on my daughter’s bed while she is working on her computer. She is still waiting patiently for a forever home. Is she waiting for you and your family?

Willow is a very sweet, gentle, and loving girl. We believe she is a Cardigan Corgi and Beagle mix at 2-3 years old and 48 lbs. She is house-trained and great with other dogs (we’re not sure about cats). She is slow to warm up to strangers of all ages, but she is very friendly when she gets to know them, like the people around our block.

She loves to go for walks and practically gets her harness on herself! She readily goes pee on our walks and occasionally has pooped. She has learned a lot of things since being with us, like how to climb stairs, 'sit', 'stay', and recently 'lay down'. She also learned a few things from our own 2 beagles, like how to ask for the door, bark at the mailman, and chase squirrels.

She loves to cuddle, explore the great outdoors, and rarely barks, unless she see's a squirrel or the mailman! She makes a great body pillow when she stretches out! That’s the Corgi in her. She does not seem to have a beagle’s appetite, she likes her slim figure.

Willow did very well at the adoption day, she is low key and somewhat submissive.  She's not a barker either!!!

Willow is a 2-3yr old spayed female.  She is super sweet, good with other dogs and does well with small children.  She was a stray in Abingdon, VA so her history is unknown.

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  1. I like the write-up and the pictures of Willow. I would like to meet her along with Miss Piggy if you are somewhere around the Baltimore area any time soon!

  2. Deb Szymanik

    Paws crossed that Willow finds her “furever” home and family this weekend at the Alexandria event. She has been waiting a long time. She sounds absolutely delightful and based on her extremely positive write up, she is more than ready to be someone’s beloved pet.

  3. Barbara

    Met Willow at Beaglefest in Malvern, Pa. She is so sweet, gentle and friendly. She would make a great pet for anyone who needs a little extra loving and attention.

  4. Pam Litten

    I met Willow at Beaglefest yesterday. What a sweet girl!! Love the whole “bagel” look – she is a beauty.

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