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Published: March 25, 2018

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 13 JUNE 2018: Whinny loves the great outdoors! She often sits just outside the doggy door, watching the world go by. She is doing much better at walking on a leash but would love more practice!? Whinny is great at meeting dogs & kids - she’s really very sweet. She has a lot of fun running & playing with our beagle girls. We’re still working on the ‘come when called’ trick. We think she would do best with another dog to play with. She is more of a dogs’ dog, less of a person’s dog. We try to have lap time with her, but she loves to play with Daisy & Dixie (our beagles), a lot.

Apparently Whinny is overwhelmed at adoption days, but she did shine very well at Beaglefest and has become very comfortable with us. Anyone interested in meeting Whinny will need to meet her at her foster home.

UPDATE - 28 APRIL 2018: Whinny is coming out of her shell, she loves playing with Dixie Lou (our pocket Beagle) and has a full beagle bark/bugle! She has learned to use the doggie door and does her business outside, even in the rain! She recently has gotten the courage to go downstairs and also to get up on he couch. Initially she would sleep on the floor, dog bed but now that she's mastered hopping up on the couch, that place seems to be her preferred bed!

She has a goofy expression when she’s playing, tongue hanging out and dancing around! And she has found her beagle appetite! She loves treats & people food!

Regarding Whinny's chances of success with children, her foster family says the following: She's small so just how young for children? Any with no comprehension that Whinny is a living, breathing animal and try and treat her as a pull toy will most likely end up getting bit. Those who should know better (above 10) should appreciate her. She can be high energy and she has a very loud bark for her size. Whereas Dixie's is more like a puppy bark, Whinny can out bark Daisy in volume. That could be an issue in an apartment.
She does show some separation anxiety when Deb steps out of the house for work or to go to neighbors. It goes away, but only because I believe she sees I'm still in the house. I don't hear much of a reaction from her when I leave in the AM for work.

If she was an only dog, my recommendation is she be allowed to socialize at a dog park so she doesn't develop her "alpha" streak she shows with smaller dogs (like our Dixie).

UPDATE - 16 APRIL 2018: Whinny is now in a foster home, so stay tuned as we learn more about this pretty girl.

INITIAL IMPRESSIONS: Whinny is 4 year old small female who weighs around 17 pounds. She’s friendly and good with other dogs but was a stray in Buckingham County in Virginia, so her history is unknown. Stay tuned while we learn more about her. She will be available soon for fostering or adoption.

4 Responses

  1. We look forward to meeting Whinny on Saturday! She is still available and will be there – correct?

    • Janet

      Yes, Whinny will be at the adoption event on the 19th. She is a cutie!! I know there are other people also interested in Whinny, but please come and meet her along with our other pups.

  2. Is Shinny still available? We have a 2 yr old beagle, Dolly, that we would like to get a companion.

    • Janet

      Yes, Whinny is still available. If you are interested in meeting Whinny, or any of our other adoptable beagles, please fill out an application at http://www.brewbeagles.org/brew-adoption-process/adoption-application/. Once we receive your application and application fee we will assign a volunteer who will contact you directly about Whinny and our adoption process. Whinny is a very cute little girl!

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