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Published: March 27, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 4-5 years

Gender: Female

Update 5/23/2011:

Wednesday is now happily  enjoying playing with Gumdrop (our resident puppy).  She is very good with all my dogs (aged 1 yr-8yrs).  She is friendly with people and very gentle with children.  She seems to sense they are smaller.  Wednesday is now eating like a beagle at meal times.  She is still sometimes shy about taking treats, but if you just put it in front of her on the floor, she will grab it  and take it where the rude puppy won't take it away.

Wednesday loves to run with all dogs and prefers the large dog side at the bark park.  She pulls on her leash a great deal, but since "Robin Lee's mom" gave us a Sporn leash, she is doing much better.  She loves to go for walks and gets so excited when the neighbor girls come to tak everyone for a walk.

Wednesday is learning to enjoy being petted.  Start under her chin and before long she is showing you her belly.  She especially enjoys quiet petting time after she goes outside 1st thing in the morning.  She wants to get on the bed or couch with you and be massaged, petted and talked to.  Then it's time to eat, well, she is a beagle.  She will stay in her crate if necessary without fussing.  She runs and hides when the vicious vaccum is running and avoids me when the blow dryer is in use.  Once the noise stops, she is OK.  She sleeps in her dog bed on top of the large crate next to my bed and sleeps through the night without having to go outside.(I have a puppy and an older dog who both need to go out around midnight).

Wednesday is loving, friendly and kind.  She would be happy in any home that would give her lots of attention and some exercise in the morning and in the afternoon/evening.

Update 2/22/11:  Wednesday is now in her foster home and we are just loving her.  She loves to run and play with children and other dogs.  We have been to the "Bark Park" and she was a happy camper.  So much to do; so many choices.  Wednesday is a little shy, but then her natural curiosity takes over.  She has had no accidents since coming to me, and appears to be house trained.

Wednesday is a small loving and friendly beagle.  I know she would be good in any home.

Wednesday is a super sweet small, 4-5yr spayed female that is fully vetted and ready for a new home.  She's fairly small, friendly and gets along well with dogs and small children.  She was a stray in Culpeper, VA so her history is unknown.

Sponsored By: Domonique Herman - In memory of my beagles Delphi, Cyrus, and Pistol

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  1. Barbara

    Here’s a note from Wednesday’s new home…

    Wednesday is a perfect angel! She and Winston are really bonding. He seems so much happier having her around, and she seems to really like him. She is such a good and sweet little dog. She is learning all the routines around our house, and getting used to everything. I think her favorite thing so far is the squirrels and chipmunks in the yard. She goes crazy when she sees them. Both dogs seem to enjoy running around in the yard together. They are very good on walks together as well. I got Wednesday a Sporn harness, just like the one you had. It really seems to help her. I might try doing some dog training classes with her too, once she’s had a chance to settle into the house and feel comfortable. I still get the feeling that she thinks she’s not staying. The first couple nights she went and stood by the front door for a while, like she wanted to go. I’m sure she’s thinking of you and missing you. I hope she will start to get a sense that where she is now is her forever home. I think it will just take some time, and lots of love. I’m going to take her with me to the beach at the end of the month, to meet my family and their dogs. (Between my parents, my sister and me, we have 7 dogs!) They all get along fine though, and I’m sure Wednesday will fit right in.

  2. Barbara

    Our sweet girl, Wednesday, went home with Winston(the beagle) and Amy(the caring person) today. I hope her forever home enjoys her as much as we have. Buster and Biscuit(the beagles) send a big Aroooo to all of you. Be happy.

  3. Barbara Lindley

    Wednesday will be at the adoption day in Newark, DE on May 14,2011

  4. Amy

    Wednesday is so cute! Will she ever be at an adoption day near Glen Burnie, MD?

    • misygirl

      Wednesday will be at the Adoption Event in Newark, DE on May 14th.

  5. Susan Hurst

    Wednesday is a superstar. I met this little beagle girl at the March adoption day in Newark, DE and she was such a sweetheart! Her little bit of shyness is just caution in new situations, I think, and that’s smart. She warmed up to me and everyone she met very quickly, and is going to be a great dog for her new family — when she finds them!

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