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Published: August 28, 2012

I've Been Adopted!


Age: 9 ish

Gender: Male

Webster is a BREW alumnus adopted in 2005. He did well in his home until a child came along and the owners worried that Webster was too aggressive with the toddler. On medical examination, Webster was diagnosed with early Cushing's. Meaning - he was hungry all the time! And probably was going after food! He has been treated and is doing very well on his medication. He gets a weekly pill and has a normal beagle appetite. The vet says his Cushing's is at a level 2 out of 10 and that he is very adoptable.

Webster (my husband calls him WebSTAR) is a super affectionate boy. Webster greets each morning with joy and optimism. He is playful with my dogs and has been wonderful with the neighborhood children.But, he shouldn't go to a home with toddlers, just based on the past. And someone willing to give him weekly pills is also a requirement.

He walks really well on lead. When he is tired, he likes to snooze in a open crate or in a dog bed. He has that magic energy - always up for a walk or some play - but also always ready to settle down and snooze peacefully. He has been pure joy in his foster home. But, I know he would like to be someone's special boy!

Sponsored By: Iris Brown (In Honor of John Reed), Kent and Rita Brown (In Honor of John Reed) and Tasso (In Memory of Waggles), 



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  1. Jo Brown

    Dear Webster, I hope your forever family finds you soon and loves you dearly for the rest of your days.

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