We Love Jasper!

Published: April 16, 2011

On November 4, 2000 my husband Jason and I adopted Jasper, a six month old beagle. Jasper had been abandoned in the woods in Maryland and was lucky enough to have a family foster him for a few months until we came along. Jasper was in the process of being treated for ring worm and was a little skinny when we got him (only 13 pounds), with these huge ears and feet that made him the cutest little thing! Since then he has put on 5 pounds and has grown into his feet - but I think his ears will always be bigger then his head!

We have had such a great experience with Jasper, he is almost 100% house broken and we have gotten his chewing down to a minimum. He hardly barks and is completely crate trained. Jason and I have completely fallen in love with this guy and are already talking about getting him a friend! After having a failed adoption last summer we were a little hesitant to try again - but I'm so glad we did. I know Jasper will bring a lot of happiness to our family and I'm so glad that we could give him a good home!

Jason and Linda Lisiewski


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