We Love Digby!

Published: April 13, 2011

I just wanted to let you know how things are going.

Where to start... The bad news - he has had one major accident in the house. He peed on our bed! It was the first day we left him here to go to work. He must have done it after eating dinner. We have learned our lesson and sit in the room while he eats. But, we have had a very fortunate first week with him. Monday we were at home, Thursday was a snow day and we had a two-hour delay today. We have been able to break him in slowly.

The good news - he has already learned the sit command. We have been using a Halti with him. He pulls like crazy without it. We are using it on big walks. We purchased it last Saturday and he did not like it at first - he fought and got it off. Today, he walked right into the nose part. I almost fainted! He is great on leash - other than the pulling when he's onto something good. We have used an extendoleash only in large open areas. He loved it in the snow on Rock Creek Park yesterday.

We have a wonderful, professional dog park going in only a few blocks from us. The people there were wonderful and welcomed all of us with open arms. We are thrilled! The dogs and dog people in our building have been very nice and supportive. It's funny how much you talk with people when you have a dog.

The crating is another issue. He does not like to go in but once he had resigned to it, he goes in with no fuss. He likes to sit on his futon and not come when called. He cried and barked the first day we had him in, but we were in the apartment. When we leave, he doesn't make a noise. At night, he lays down quietly and sleeps until we get him out in the morning.

He doesn't play with toys, but he did pick up his rope toy and chewed it a bit tonight. He seems to really perk up when he is out side; inside he uses the time to sleep and look at himself in the full mirror. The cat has definitely noticed him but he seems mildly interested. He likes the smell of her food more. He rarely notices her when she comes out and when she does he lays in the same spot baring his belly.

We could not be more enamored. He is beautiful, sweet, easygoing, friendly with low-key dogs and generally our wildest dreams come true. I hope the honeymoon phase never wears off!

Thank you for your support and care. We can't ever thank you enough, but I would be willing to volunteer for home visits and adoption days. I hope you are all well and I want to thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family. It hasn't even been a week and I love him so much!

Best regards,

Penelope Miller and Ann Sweeney

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