We Got Two!

Published: April 16, 2011

In April 2002, we had to put our old basset hound, Buddy down. Annie the coonhound missed him a lot and walked around to all his 'spots' looking for him. We knew we had to do something, so, we contacted BREW and yes, left with not one but two! (Annie was not toooo pleased) Consuela fell immediately in love with our daughter, Katie, and visa versa. Renamed because of her beautiful copper-colored face, Copper was very skittish and shy. She was also very thin but has happily gained weight and is lookin' good! She follows Kate around and gets to go for walks daily. She's come into her own and loves to sleep in the master bedroom with Mom and Dad. Annie has taken a shine to this one. Molly, aka Buffy, is the busy one. She sleeps with Paul, our son, and loves to go for rides in the car. She's a little thief and if she arrives, you'd better make sure she leaves empty mouthed! She especially likes Kate's purple, fuzzy slippers! The 15-year old cat has had to put Molly in her place when her food is threatened! Annie is her favorite 'play thing'.

Annie now has two little girls to play with! She gets lots of exercise in the back yard and has let the little ones know who's boss! Somebody's gotta be alpha! We're a very happy, busy, fun-filled, large family now! Thanks to everyone at BREW for helping us complete our harem!

Susan, Jeff, Kate, and Paul Roseberry

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