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Published: April 4, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Age: 8 months

Gender: Female

NEW!!  Hi there, hi there.  I'm Waffles.  I am around 1 year old  and I weigh 33 pounds.  Yes, I'm a big girl, especially compared to my bff Tinkerbell.  She's only 13 pounds.  We play and play.  I know how to be gentle around her when we play.  She steals all the toys and I steal them back.  I chase her, then she chases me.  I love running in the yard and playing chase with Tink and the other dogs and kids.  I am an exuberant girl with a lot of puppy still in me.

I am learning my manners here, but sometimes I forget I'm so big, I get so excited to see some one new and I just want to put my paws on them so they'll stop and see me.  I have learned to sit for my treats, which I love.  Nana said I am still skittish around my food, but not by guarding it.  I'll run away and let anybody have it if they come near.  In a house with 3 other beagles, Nana guards my food so I get to eat it.  I always leave a bite or two for Tink, 'cause we're bffs.
I need a home with lots for me to do.  Kids, dogs, lots of long walks and things to use up all my energy.  I love to give kisses, share space on the couch and the bed and treats are also good.  I like my rawhide chews and will steal any that are lying around, even if they belong to Biscuit (the top dog here).  All the kids in the neighborhood want to come and take me for a walk, I love walking and try not to pull on my harness too much.
If you would like a friendly girl who is learning about living inside a house and loving it, please consider me for your home.  I have a lot of love to give and would jump for a chance to prove it.  Sorry Nana, I would sit for a chance to prove it.

Waffles is an 8mth old spayed beagle/basset girl.  She is the sibling to Blueberry.  She is very friendly, playful and good with other dogs.  She was an owner give-up to the Louisa Co. Animal Shelter but little information was given.

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  1. Barbara

    Our precious Waffles went to a new home! She is missed by bff Tinkerbell and Nana.

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