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Published: December 1, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Male

Age: 7 weeks as of Nov 28th

Turkey is such a handsome pup!

He eats well, plays well and is sweet as can be!

He loves to cuddle and would make a wonderful companion as he is very well socialized with people and dogs.  He sleeps all night in his crate and is doing most of his business outside like a good boy.

Like all beagle puppies, he is high energy! Seriously, we're not kidding.

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  1. Jessica

    Laura- I noticed in Turkeys “about me” section that he would not be good in an apartment. Would this also include a large townhome with a fenced in yard? I’m just trying to get a feel if it is the size or because of the shared walls. Thanks!

    • Laura

      Jessica, beagle puppies can be loud and according to the foster mom, Turkey has quite a voice on him. The shared walls could be an issue with Turkey.

  2. Rochelle

    Laura- he is adorable, where is he located? Homer may want a playmate

  3. Deb Szymanik

    He is just adorable! Makes you want to pick him up and smooch him.

  4. Debbie


    Is there a way to visit a dog before adopting? We already have a beagle & want to make sure they are compatible. Thanks……

    • Laura


      We want you to visit dogs before adopting! However, taking your adult dog to meet the puppies won’t show you anything. Adult dogs are programmed to be aloof towards puppies to avoid hurting them. Additionally, since the puppies’ immune systems are still growing, we don’t want any more dogs around them than absolutely possible.


  5. Cheryl

    I submitted an application for this beautiful boy. We are crossing our fingers that we get him.

  6. Vanessa

    I’m wondering where do you have to go in case you’re interested in adopting a beagle

    • Laura

      Vanessa, first, thank you for coming to BREW to rescue a beagle! If you’d like to adopt a beagle from us, please fill out and submit the adoption application found on our website. That will get the process started.

  7. Jenny

    Is Turkey male or female?

    • Laura

      Turkey is a male, Thanks for noticing my error….Ive corrected his writeup.

  8. Karen


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