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Published: January 29, 2013


Age: 1-2 years

Gender: Male

NEW: Tuck continues to come out of his shell.  He enjoys the break in the heat that we have been having and likes to be outside. As always he enjoys playing with our dogs and our niece.  He has gotten over his fear of squeaky toys and enjoys playing with them as well, chasing after them in the house and also quietly chewing on them on the dog bed.  He has been one of the easiest fosters we have had had in that he is completely house trained and crate trained.  He can go at least 9 hours in his crate with out messing and goes into his crate willingly. Tuck does enjoy the company of other dogs and would most likely do best in a home with another dog as he is quite shy and another dog helps draw him out and ease any anxiety he has if left alone in a strange place, but another dog is NOT a necessity.  If you come to visit him during an adoption event, do not be worried by his apparent vocalization, as that is not a true representation of  who he is.  In the home environment, he is a very chill, and laid back dog, who prefers to hang out either on the couch with us (or our bed if we'd let him), or the dog bed, only barking when one of the other dogs starts barking first.  He is truly a sweet boy who  is waiting to meet someone who has some love and kindness to give him.

Tuck continues to do well and has settled into life as a house dog.  Everyday chores such as vacuuming and doing laundry are no longer a big deal. He is rapidly learning to make friends with strangers. At a recent party with over 30 attendees, he was a little shy at first, but after a few hours he was playing in the yard with the kids and by the end of the night he was curled up on the couch with a couple he had just met! We have started to take him to the dog park and he loves the freedom of being able to run around, and rides well in the car to and from the park. He is completely house trained and now eagerly goes into his kennel when it is time for us to go to work. He loves to snuggle and play with hard chew toys and the occasional stuffed animal. He is very excited to meet new friends!

Tuck is a very sweet but incredibly shy young dog. He really wants to love and trust people but there are some that he is unsure about so he may avoid them at first and bark at them rather run up and greet them right away. He tends to trust women more quickly then men but he is very willing to give a fellow guy a chance especially if that guy has a cookie. He loves to go on walks and is a much more confidant dog when on a leash. He likes other dogs, ones that want to play and ones that want to just chill out on the couch. He gets along with children as well, though sometimes if they move too fast or make sudden noises they startle him and he will try to bolt. He is also learning to play with toys and even though the noise from the squeaky toys was very scary at first, it's not so bad now. He loves to snuggle, and we made the mistake of letting him up on the human bed. He thinks that is the best invention in the world and would most likely spend the entire day there if we let him! He is housetrained and spends his day while we are at work in a kennel and keeps his kennel clean.  He is a very good watch dog so may not be ideal for an apartment. As you can see from his pictures, he is a handsome boy with very distinctive markings just waiting to wiggle his way into someone's heart and home.

Tuck, 1-2yr old neutered male, fully vetted, friendly, good with other dogs, stray at the Louisa Co. Animal Shelter so his history is unknown.


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  1. R. Passero

    We sent you an application and $15 as you asked regarding Tuck, but we never heard back from you??

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Let me check on where the app is and I’ll email you. Thanks!

  2. Dawn Guckian

    Hi interested in Tuck… wanted to know more info about adoption fees & if he would be transported to New Jersey, where we live or close to it. Just wondering at this time for the near future. We already have a lemon beagle & she has a brain tumor/cancer & is progressing w/it. Vet says in a month or two we will probably have to think about putting her to sleep. Needless to say our family is devastated, she is a sweet girl, not even 9yrs old yet. So just looking to the future. Never adopted a dog before so I have no clue as to what to do lol. Thank you for your time.

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Dawn, we do not ship beagles or send them sight-unseen to adoptive homes. You would need to be willing to drive down to the DC-Philly corridor to meet the beagle(s) that interest you. The adoption fee is $250. Please let me know if you have other questions.

  3. love him, where is he?

  4. Jo Brown

    Tuck has such a unique look – like a beagle in a snow suit. Handsome, healthy fellow!

  5. Good luck in finding a forever home Tuck.

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