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Published: January 29, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Trudy

Age: 5-6 years

Gender: Female

13 May 2014: Trudy’s been keeping herself busy while waiting for her forever home by scouting squirrels on the backyard fence or lounging on the couch.  She’s good at both!  She is definitely all Beagle in that she is very much a nose attached to a stomach.  We have to lock the cupboard under the sink that hides the trash bin or she will open it and pull out whatever smells good to her, which is all of it!  Trudy will also help herself to any goodies left within reach.  That includes plates of food on the table because she will simply hop up on the chair and help herself.  Another silly habit she has is that she will take all the chew toys out of the toy box and assemble them around her on her blanket.  Trudy is a very sweet, clever girl who loves attention and having her ears rubbed. She recently met a new friend at the beach! (See picture - now in gallery below.)

28 FEBRUARY 2014: Trudy continues to wait patiently for her forever home.  She recently enjoyed a little R&R at the beach!  She loves walking in the sand because there are so many different scents for her nose to follow.  She's a great house guest too.  She's had a couple of accidents but I think we just missed her signals.  She continues to keep her crate clean.

16 JANUARY 2014: Trudy has been with us for three months.  She was very nervous the first week and had some accidents, but since then she has done well.  She also keeps her crate clean.  Trudy likes to carry stuffed toys around the house and eventually extracts the squeaker.  She learned the house routine quickly and has also learned to live peacefully with the cats.  Trudy is still a bit of a nervous beagle, especially around her foster Dad, but she loves to receive attention and affection.  She walks well on a leash and enjoys playing with other beagles at adoption day.  As seen in the picture (now in her gallery, below), she does steal food if it is left within her reach!

Thanksgving - Trudy came to stay for the holiday and was such a sweet guest. The first day, she was a little uncertain as to where she was and why. She kept circling the family room trying to figure things out. But, she quickly got the hand of things and was a great little cuddler. She enjoyed romping in the yard with the other dogs and she loved playing with toys. She walked pretty well on lead and really enjoyed her walks! She seems more like a 2-3 year old, except that she does know how to settle!

She was very good in her crate, both when we had to leave her and overnight. She does have a voice and might not be the best apartment girl. But she is a real lover and is very easy to love.

One of Trudy's favorite things and one of her best skills is - hiding toys and chewies. We would give her some things to play with and - she would run around the family room hiding them (under sofa cushions, under pillows, behind bookcases). She had fun. For more info: visit Calvin's description.

September 2013: Trudy is friendly, confident, and great with other dogs but would probably be fine in a home as an only dog.  She and Rudy seem to be sisters or mother/daughter. Although Trudy loves attention, she is typical beagle that follows her nose.

Trudy, 5-6yr old spayed female, fully vetted, friendly, good with other dogs.  Came to the Madison Co. Animal shelter already spayed but was a stray so her history is unknown.

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  1. Sarah DeBruin

    Is Trudy still available? do you know how she does with kids? if she likes them we would love to meet her.

  2. Sarah DeBruin

    Is Trudy still available? my husband and I are looking to adopt again after losing our previous BREW beagle to cancer. Trudy sounds like she could be a good fit for us.

  3. […] I’m enjoying it – but I love best that my Secret Santa (Trudy – check out her description) has left all sorts of presents for me. My nose was assailed by the lovely scent of a chewie behind […]

  4. Jo Brown

    Trudy has that tri-color with ticking that is so pretty. What a wonderful thing it would be for her to have a family and room to safely sniff about!!

  5. Laura Grier

    We are interested in adopting a beagle. We recently had to put down our old girl beagle at age 18. Her companion male beagle Bingo age 9 is a bit sad. We also have cats so that is a complicating factor. Can you give me any additional info about Trudy? We are in Baltimore City but we have a nice big fenced yard and there are lots of walks.

  6. Deb Szymanik

    Another beautiful, unique color beagle – looks like Trudy is enjoying some good “sniffs.”

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