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Published: October 15, 2012

I've Been Adopted!Trixie01_22June2013

Age: 5 ish

Gender: Female

15 July 2013: Trixie is still looking for a forever home where she can share her love of walks, naps, and ear rubs. She is sweet as can be and would be perfect for a household looking for a medium-energy dog – she’s active enough to go on daily walks (or hikes!) and explore the yard, but she is generally low-key in the house (unless she’s ready to head out for a walk). She is affectionate without being over-bearing, and, while she loves the couch, she won’t get up unless you give her a boost. Trixie gets along well with dogs of a variety of sizes, but she seems to prefer lower energy companions rather than dogs that want to play all the time (she will play some, but five minutes is about all she’s interested in). She really likes meeting other dogs, and she will bark and howl at those she sees from the yard. Trixie also does well with cats, ignoring them apart from the occasional sniff.

Trixie is food-motivated, and she has mastered sitting and waiting before meals, walks, and trips to the backyard (just don’t expect her to wait too long!). She can now add house-training to her list of accomplishments and is trustworthy left out if we are gone for a few hours. She does well with a routine, as she does not give much of a signal when she wants to go out. We do still crate Trixie during work days and at night, but that is largely so the (sometimes grumpy) resident dogs will leave her alone. She is usually still snoring when our early workday alarms go off, but she will whine a bit if we sleep late and often barks when we come home. She frequently gets in her crate on her own for daytime naps and on nights when we are too slow with her bedtime treat. This summer, Trixie has had quite a social schedule, helping us host one barbeque and attending two others. She was friendly with everyone, and found a nice patch of grass to nap in at the two parties we traveled to. If you think Trixie may be the one for you, please take a look at BREW’s adoption process and fill out an application!

Quick update – 28 April 2013: Looking for a walking buddy, and perhaps also a hiking and/or car trip companion? Then Trixie may be your gal! She loves daily walks with her foster brothers, and we have discovered recently that she loves hiking. She had no trouble with a 4.5-mile hike in Prince William Forest and has enjoyed shorter hikes in our local park. In the car, Trixie settles down quickly, even when there is an overexcited, 60-pound mutt next to her, and she usually snores the whole trip. We have also found she is trustworthy left out of the crate for periods of up to about three hours when we aren’t home, and she has only had a couple of accidents in the past month. This past weekend, she stayed with another BREW volunteer, and the report was that Trixie did great with the new situation and had no accidents.

10 March 2013: Trixie wanted to send a long-overdue update, but she’s too busy with her after dinner nap (which lasts until bedtime), so I’m filling in for her. Other than napping, some of Trixie’s favorite things are: walks, ear and chin rubs, butt scratches, yard sniffing, and t-r-e-a-t-s. She continues to get along with everyone and has started crawling in beds with my dogs when the mood strikes her. She usually sleeps in a crate at night, but one night last week she actually decided to sleep overnight in a dog bed with our beagle-sized terrier mix.

Trixie prefers to have some sort of routine when it comes to meals, walks, and potty breaks (and, of course, naps). Walks are a great way to bond with her, and we have discovered that daily walks help Trixie burn up some nervous energy she would have otherwise. As such, Trixie will need to find a forever home with at least one family member able to walk her once a day (or more), but the reward is good physical and mental exercise for both canine and human, as well as a beagle that sleeps *hard*, particularly at night. Trixie does still have the occasional accident in the house (nobody’s perfect), but these are often on days where our schedule gets off. Most of the recent accidents have been in front of our back door. Also, Trixie does need a bit of an adjustment period in new situations, but regular schedule, daily walks, and affection go a long way in helping her settle in.

As the fourth dog in her foster home, Trixie has not had the benefit of much one-on-one training, but she does know how to sit and picks up well on tone of voice and body language. She the general concept of waiting/staying but not for long at mealtime! She can be stubborn at times, but, hey, she’s a beagle! Trixie makes up with for that stubbornness with her sweet, easy-going demeanor, and she eagerly awaits a home where she can have more one-on-one time!

6 December 2012:  Trixie continues to be a joy in her foster home. She is friendly and polite with everyone she meets - adult or child, canine or feline - although she can be very vocal when she can’t go meet another dog nose-to-nose. She was a bit overwhelmed by the large group we joined for Thanksgiving, but she was friendly with everyone one-on-one. Trixie has proven herself to be crate-trained, and she will now readily go upstairs and get in her crate when asked. She also takes periodic naps in the crate of her own accord. Trixie is soooo very close on house-training, although our travels for Thanksgiving did throw her off a bit. She does well as long as she is on some sort of routine and let out regularly (when not crated). She does need some encouragement to go out before bedtime, as she now regularly zonks out on her favorite dog bed (no more sleeping on towels) once she’s had dinner and an evening walk. Trixie’s leash skills are fairly good, although she will occasionally burst into an excited run or stop abruptly to get in a good sniff. She is usually the first dog sitting by the door when I go for the leashes, and she also loves exploring the backyard (and periodically running zoomies around it). She is quiet most of the time but is not afraid to use her beagle voice to say hello to other dogs or to remind us she’s there when we get return to the house. Trixie has shown little interest in toys, but she thinks Christmas ornaments are rather tasty – maybe you have some on your tree she could sample?

29 October 2012: Trixie has been with us for a little over two weeks and is a sweetheart. She loves one-on-one attention, but is not demanding, and her ears and tail perk up immediately if you talk to her. She is pretty low key indoors, loves walks and exploring the yard, and continues to get along with the resident mutts and ignore the cats. Trixie came to us accustomed to life in an indoor/outdoor kennel with a doggy door (and was living by a dumpster before landing in a shelter), and she does not seem to have ever been a house pet. With that in mind, she is doing well, and she is not afraid of anything indoors. She is making great strides towards house-training (this has mostly been a matter of retraining humans who are used to dogs with bladders of steel), and although she doesn’t love the kennel, she is doing better with it every day. She is also clearly used to a life of sleeping on hard surfaces, preferring a towel on the wood floor to one of our many cushy dog beds, but (today) she seems to have realized the beds are pretty nice, too. Trixie picked up on our hand signal for “sit” almost immediately, and she often comes when called (actually, when any dog is called), although she can be distracted by food or another great smell. She gets really excited when we see other dogs (especially beagles), and she has been friendly with everyone we’ve met (all adults, so far). Trixie would likely do well in most homes, and she eagerly awaits her forever family!

14 October 2012 - Trixie is a lovely beagle girl whose longer body suggests she may have a touch of basset hound in her. She is a stray from Madison County and the mother to BREW internet sensation, Bosco (already adopted). Trixie has only been in her foster home for a day, but she has been fine with the resident mutts (15, 30, and 60 lbs) and has ignored the resident cats apart from a quick sniff of one that yowled at her. She is a little out of sorts in the house, but seems to be settling in well and mostly housebroken. She is very affectionate toward people, and she loves to have her ears rubbed. Trixie needs a little practice on the leash, but she has enjoyed her first two walks with the pack, and she will potty both on a leash and in the yard. Stay tuned for more information on Trixie as she settles in to her foster home.




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  1. Were still interested with her and is she good with big dogs, lab pit and blue heeler. Their really good with beagles and sure enough that she’ll love them. Griffin is the blue heeler 9 months old and Midnight the lab is 2 ish. Is there any chance we could visit again?
    Thanks! Hailey

  2. Thanks Erin, When is the next event we could meet Trixie?

  3. Hey Erin, we got two new dogs in the family, thank so much for letting us see Trixie, were thinking about having her maybe. Thanks. Hailey! P.S. The form is already filled. I need another form because the old one was one dog the ran away and died. Sad, so starting a new form. 🙂

    • ErinS

      HI, Hailey – congrats on your new dogs. I am sure they are keeping you busy!

      • Can’t wait to see Trixie!

        • ErinS

          Hi, Hailey – As I’m sure you’ve seen, Trixie will be at the Alexandria event this Saturday. Your parents will need to review the adoption process ( and fill out the application if you decide as a family that’s what you want to do. Keep in mind, though, that three dogs is a lot of responsibility, and I’m not sure how Trixie would feel about two younger dogs. She is very friendly but does not play much!

          • I understand Erin. Griffin is the much playful one though but, Midnight is calm and a guard dog. She’s very quiet and were thinking about having her or might give her to our grandpa. Thank You.

          • It Depends and we might come early to see her, we need more info about her though. Thank You a lot by reminding me about three dogs! 🙂

          • Scratch that form out. Were getting the one were you need to write! 🙂 sorry

  4. Wanted to know when the next adoption event is, where is it, since i filled the form for her adoption. Hw much is Trixie again, im sorry? How much is Trixie, , , , 250? Anyway, im coming to visit her this month, where does Trix live and you Erin?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Ivette – great to hear from you and thanks for filling out an application! I do not handle the application process, which includes an interview and home visit, but you can find more details here: I’m sure someone will be in touch soon. The next Alexandria event is scheduled for 15 June, and Trixie is fostered with me in Woodbridge. I believe the BREW adoption fee is $250, but please confirm with the rescue.

  5. Is there any chance were we could fill the form?

    • ErinS

      Hi, Hailey – great to hear from you! I do not handle the application process, which includes an interview and home visit, but you can find more details here: I’m sure someone will be in touch soon. Thanks for your interest in adopting Trixie!

  6. please save trix for us. we will give u the form next month! 😀

  7. please ask questions for us, is it posible, for example: if we fail of our looks of the house a little and get most right though, we could keep the beagle? please respond! :O 😀

  8. ugh, have turns into: HAD

  9. Hope Trix is coming to the adoption at petco so we couldpick her up, please save this kind gentle beagle. Theres no harm here in this house 😀 Because we have two pups here who lived for a long time. Thanks Again!

  10. Me parent is cutting the grass for the new arrival.

  11. oops, what i meant to say, my phone number 😛 sorry!

  12. Erin please repond back, because. We have the house all ready. The fence is 6 ft. tall : my dad says were getting a labordor and german shepard puppies for Christmas this year so Trixie could love pups again! 😀 😀 😀 😀 ………… is that ok with u?

  13. I think you remember me Erin, im hailey. The little girl who wanted Trixie. We filled the form. Thanks Again! 😀

  14. Hey, were looking for a dog that would be playul and loves people. I heard Trixie is a wonderful dog Erin. Hailey and my son Jacob are ready for her. Whens the new adoption next month?

    • ErinS

      Hi – great to hear from you! I do not handle the application process, which includes an interview and home visit, but you can find more details here: I’m sure someone will be in touch soon. The next Alexandria event is scheduled for 15 June. Thanks for your interest in adopting a beagle!

  15. Erin, great news. Hailey filled the form and ready to get her soon.

  16. Jo Brown

    Trixie sounds like a delightful girl who would fit in well with a family. Great to see updates and pictures from the foster. I hope Trixie’s adopters see all that an know, she’s their one!

  17. Lanna

    Can you tell us more about Trixie? How is she with kids? Where is she fostered? Thanks!

    • Erin

      Lanna – I just saw your post; sorry about the slow response. I am fostering Trixie in Woodbridge, Virginia. She is not fostered with kids, but has been friendly with all that she has met, both at our house and at adoption events (and will often sit down at kids’ feet). I will be bringing her to the Alexandria, Virginia adoption event on Saturday, January 19th. Please contact BREW directly if you would like to submit an application, and let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Lanna

        Thanks, Erin. No worries. We actually found a beagle last weekend through the Humane Society of Fairfax County. Best of luck with Trixie.

        • Erin

          Thanks for the update, Lanna, and congrats on your new family member! (Also, for anyone else reading this, there is actually *not* an event in Alexandria this week.)

  18. Deb Szymanik

    Love her unique markings! She is adorable and sounds like a smart delightful beagle gal.

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