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Published: September 5, 2015

I've Been Adopted!

25 JANUARY 2016: Trista is the most popular girl in the neighborhood, beloved by children and parents alike. Although she can pull on the leash, a 70 pound girl easily manages her on a walk. Trista adores the snow, diving, rolling and jumping into it. She is a high energy girl who loves to play with her foster brothers and sister. House-trained and polite, Trista is easily redirected when something causes her to bark. In the first of her new pictures, Trista takes some down time after snow play. As a bonus, her lovely left ear: more gorgeous than Angelina's pouty smile, more fashionable than Jennifer Anniston's hairdo. These pictures don't do the lovely Trista justice, come see her at the next adoption day!

18 JANUARY 2016: Trista is quite the gorgeous beagle. She has settled in quickly to our household and acts like an exuberant adolescent with a bark like Jennifer Lawrence's laugh. She has short, soft hair so she really enjoyed wearing a pink puffer jacket on our hike today. Power walkers would benefit from hiking with Trista as she does not let you slow down! She loves to cuddle and is not particularly food motivated. Having other beagles in the house has helped her with her separation anxiety. She is not dominant but does not let herself get pushed around; it's so much more fun to play!

25 OCTOBER 2015: Trista has been with us over a month and she has settled in very well.  At first she was very shy and would lie down and hide her head when approached, even though her tail continued to wag.  She warmed up to us very quickly and has already learned the routine from our beagles.  Trista is a cuddly beagle who gladly exposes her tummy for belly rubs.  She does not like being in a crate.  We’ve left her out in the house while being away for a few hours and she has behaved.  She had a couple of accidents when she first arrived but appears to be housetrained.  Trista also enjoys hanging in the backyard.  She barks when she hears other dogs, even if they’re on the TV!  Trista has also been a delightful greeter when people come over to visit.  Her tail is always wagging!

Trista is a 6-year-old spayed beagle girl who is fully vetted and ready to go!  She's a small, friendly girl that loves and instantly drops when given attention.  She is low key and gets along well with other dogs but was a stray in Madison County, Virginia, so her history is unknown. Stay tuned for more on Trista once she's in a foster home!

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  1. We can’t wait to bring this sweet girl home!! Thank you BREW!

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