Published: July 16, 2017

In Loving Memory of Tris “The Bliss”

We lost Tris on July 5, 2017.  He came into our lives on August 21, 2011, after we saw a writeup about him needing an emergency placement on the BREW website. His owner had just passed on, leaving Tris (then known as Brutus) behind. It sounded as though he might be difficult to place – he was 11 years old and had had ACL surgery on his back left leg, as well as GI issues—but we decided to give him a home so he would be loved and taken care of.   The ACL surgery gave him an unusual walk but he always kept up with the others when we went on long walks with his valiant, indomitable spirit.

From the moment we met him, Tris asserted his place beside John, following him everywhere in the house and always wagging his tail when he saw John.  Tris was a happy dog but would back the other dogs off from his rear legs with snarls and snaps.  At Pam’s suggestion, in September 2012, John sent a picture of him to The Bark magazine, which ran the photo in one of their monthly Smiling Dogs Photo Galleries.

When John recently lost his mother, in Kansas City, we made a 3 day trip away.  Although Tris was not doing well when we left, he was right there in the entrance way on our return, beaming at John and wagging his tail.  We had not seen him wag his tail in 6 months, so John knew it was a real effort and it helped him feel a bit better.  Tris declined rapidly from there, but was so content and peaceful in John’s arms at the vet’s office today. The vet gave him some licks of frozen yogurt before the injection, and Tris died in his daddy’s lap with yogurt on his nose.

We’ll miss you Tris, and your spirit.  Say hi to Baxter, Lola, and Flo on the Rainbow Bridge.

John and Pam Harms

July 5, 2017

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  1. So sorry to learn of Tris’ passing. You are a hero to adopt him and Tris rewarded you so much. May his memory stay with you always.

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