Tribute to Tammy

Published: September 18, 2015


Tammy became part of our family in 2009. She was a rescue from a puppy mill and became known in our neighborhood as “Houdini.” Evidently the time spent in the puppy mill taught her how to escape from virtually any enclosure! She was the Princess of the house. If anyone arrived after dinner was served, Tammy would greet them at the door and bark at them until they went into the kitchen for dinner. Given her background, we also adopted a puppy (AKA Party Hat) to keep her company. She would not eat until “her” puppy was fed and it was a joy watching her keep the puppy in line. They grew to become best pals.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She held on for a few months and had more good days than bad. Her last meal was a seafood feast – the best meal she ever had. She went to bed and must have decided that it could not get any better than this and decided to go to Rainbow Bridge. Our home is much more empty today, but hopefully she is playing with our other beagles Rollie and Bailey that made the journey long before her.

Thanks to BREW for bringing Tammy into our lives.

2 Responses

  1. My deepest sympathies of your loss of Tammy. I am thankful that you did not let her suffer and I know that someday you will be reunited.

  2. Prayers. Sounds like you had many wonderful memories to look back on and enjoy. Glad Tammy didn’t suffer too long and she is having fun now.

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