Tribute to Cloe

Published: March 14, 2013

On March 16, 2002 my wife and I travelled to Purcellville, VA for a scheduled appointment at Blue Ridge Veterinary Assoc. Our purpose was to meet a young female Beagle Cloe Harpthat BREW had named “Diana”. She was listed as #2-069. “Diana” was everything we had hoped for; full of spirit, affectionate, and absolutely beautiful. The three of us made the return trip home where “Diana” was welcomed and renamed “Cloe”.

Chloe had a physical and based on her teeth and gums, the vet estimated she was between 1 ½ to 2 years old; based on that, we decided her birthday would be March 16, 2000. Cloe and I then completed an eight week obedience course. Her proud independent streak was evident to our trainer as after two sessions he commented: ”She can be trained, but I’m not sure by you”. Despite his concerns, Cloe and I made it through and graduated.

The next few years were filled with long walks, running through local fields, some occasional “escapes” that left me dog tired, and lots of belly rubbing. Chloe became very popular in our neighborhood and as a result, five more Beagles appeared on the local scene. She was, simply put, “The Best”!

Unfortunately, in April, 2009 shortly after her ninth birthday Cloe lost her vision. The diagnosis of a vet ophthalmologist was that she had fallen victim to “SAARD”- sudden acquired retinal degeneration. This meant she was completely blind and did not pick up any light at all. My wife and I were devastated; but Cloe’s pride was not to be denied. She adapted quickly to her new circumstances and life went on. The only difference was that our walks took a little longer.

In early November of 2012, changes in Cloe became apparent. She lost her enthusiasm for the walks that she so dearly loved, no longer seemed interested in laying in our sun filled back yard, and even seemed disoriented in the home she had lived in for nearly eleven years. There were other signs and they all indicated the same thing: Cloe had grown weary of the dark world that she had been in for 3 ½ years.

On December 7, 2012 Cloe was relieved of her burdens and took with her a piece of our hearts. She was and will always be to us, “The Best”. Nothing can compare to the love that she brought to our lives.

Kathy and Paul H.


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  1. When are you taking Chole to for the adoption event, is she house trained?

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