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Published: November 5, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 20 MARCH 2017: I have now been in my foster home for 2 weeks and my mommy says I am a sweetheart! I have discovered a few things in the past week. First thing is I LOVE THE SNOW! It is super fun to walk in it, and I love to jump up on snow mounds and sniff the air. The only thing I do not like is having to get dried off when I come in. Bleh! I have also discovered dog toys. One night I was not ready to go to sleep (it was only 8pm...what was my foster mom thinking?), so I walked around the bedroom and lo and behold there it was...a little beagle the size of a small stuffed animal, dressed in a superhero suit and a red cape. When I went closer I realized "hey I think I am allowed to play with this" so I tossed it in the air, caught it, then chewed on him a little til a bit of stuffing came out. Well how fun was that?? So the next morning I did a little reconnaissance mission and found a treasure trove of dog toys in the living room! It was like they were just waiting for me to come along. So now in between naps I get to toss and chew these toys. And for all of you wondering...I do not chew my brother's real stuffed animals nor anything else in the house...just the dog toys. I have also learned how to play fetch. My human foster brother throws a toy and I bring it back and we do it again and again and again and again. What fun! Finally, I have learned that I am a super cuddler. After dinner Tavish reads a book to me as I snuggle on the couch with my foster mommy. Then I don't move until bedtime because it is soooo comfy to just snuggle up and savor the time.

That's it for now, thanks for reading all about me!

14 MARCH 207: Tony has been in my foster home for 9 days now. He is a little cutie...25 pounds of soft cuddly beagle love! Tony has this to say about his stay:

"I have been here with my foster family for over a week. I am house broken...not one incident in the house at all! As soon as my foster mom says "Tony let's go out!" I run to my leash and wait for her. I love love love to be outside and as soon as we go my nose is in the air, then on the ground picking up every scent. I still pull a little on my leash (it's new to me) but that is because I am just so excited to be out exploring the neighborhood, getting exercise, and sniffing sniffing sniffing!! I walk alongside my foster brother Finney and boy do we trot with our tails up, looking all around and did I mention sniffing?!

I am very patient at meal times (can you believe it?) and I am very polite once my bowl is put down in front of me. I do enjoy treats after going potty, and I am very gentle when I take them from my foster mom.

I also have a human foster brother named Tavish who is almost 7 years old. We spend a lot of time together, playing with dog toys and just cuddling. Tavish likes to pet me on the head and give me belly rubs. He says I am super soft! In the morning he gives me a kiss hello then we stretch on the floor is funny and makes him laugh and me wag my tail.

My foster mom said she didn't think I would ever bark because when the mail truck drove by I just watched at the window, didn't even make a peep, even though Finney was really barking a lot. But this morning I made my voice known when a neighbor with a snow blower was out front. My foster mommy said, "Well there's that beagle howl I was waiting for!" Speaking of snow...I like it...I had fun romping around in it this morning. Afterwards I came in and got all warm on my bed, then I moved to my spot on the couch. Time for a nap!

If company comes over I like to be at the door for a meet and greet. I have also met other neighborhood dogs on our walks, and many neighbors, adult and children, and so far I have been friendly to everyone.

I have learned that I do not like loud school buses or loud trucks. If I am out on a walk and one of them drives by I just want to get home. They are too noisy for me.

Here are some pictures of me sitting looking beyond cute, sleeping with my beagle ears in full view, and cuddled up on my bed, with the Spiderman blanket Tavish gave me to keep me extra comfy.

Well that's all for now...I'll be back with another update soon!"

First impressions: Tony is a 2-year-old neutered male that is friendly and good with other dogs.  He was a stray at the Amelia County Animal Shelter, so history is unknown.

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  1. Has anyone been interested in fostering Tony? I would love to find out more about him.

    • LindaC

      Tony is not in a foster home. Hopefully one will open up soon.

  2. Any information such as how he would be with a 12 yr. old female beagle??? Thanks.

    • Also…. crate trained??? House trained??? weight??? height????

      • Erin

        Hi, Frances – Tony is currently at the BREW kennel awaiting a foster home, so we do not have any further details on him at this time. He is known to be good with dogs. I know you are going through the application process already, so you may wish to work with your adoption volunteer to get in contact with our kennel volunteer or foster homes about specific dogs. Thank you for your interest in adoption!

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