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Published: August 17, 2011

Toby has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. He spent his last months in a loving foster home, and BREW is grateful to have been able to keep him safe and comfortable in his final days.

AUGUST 2011: Toby is a senior beagle who ended up in the shelter when his owner suddenly passed away.  He is house trained to a doggy door due to his age and medical issues.  He is being treated for CHF and Cushings.  He loves chewies, treats, meal time and napping.  He's not fond of being on the furniture and prefers the floor (carpet, flat doggy bed or comfy blanket).  Toby enjoys wandering around the yard, tipping over trashcans and 'hoovering' the floor for crumbs.  He likes his bed next to your bed at night and whatever room you are in during the day.  He will bark when you leave but will settle down and nap until you return. He walks well on leash but walks should be kept short due to his CHF.

Sponsored by: Dominique Herman in Honor of Pistol Beagle

Maria Allen

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  1. Scott

    I hope you and your buddy are together again. God’s speed little Toby.

  2. Peter Schleck

    Toby, you were loved.

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