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Published: October 15, 2018

I'm Available!

UPDATE - 21 JANUARY 2019: After an excellent adoption day, which Toby seemed to thoroughly enjoy (except for that one dachshund!), Toby is intently working on maintaining his manly physique. He loves jogging along in this cold. We are seeing more glimpses of his very mischievous personality every day.

UPDATE - 24 DECEMBER 2018: Toby is athletic and plucky; willing to try anything, he is fearless. He is housetrained but also able to leap onto the kitchen table if you forget to push your chair in. Out on walks, people always remark that he looks much younger than 8 years old (whatever THAT means) and in gratitude, he will throw himself at them, begging them to save him from his boring foster family. Toby is really playful with the other dogs but he would flourish as an only dog due to his attitude around food which is that it ALL belongs to him. Living with other dogs means Toby has to be crated during meal or snack time. Toby can be quite vocal before and after meals, like Oliver Twist, he wants more gruel. Toby loves hikes, holding his tail high like a banner. He is partial to children. Check him out at the next BREW adoption day!

UPDATE - 12 DECEMBER 2018: First impressions of Toby who came to live with us a few days ago: Shamelessly gorgeous with the pipes to match. If your choir needs a high tenor, Toby will fill the bill. He walks good on the leash with no pulling, and will pee and poop while on the leash. Toby's tail is endlessly wagging; we say to him "Dude, are you STILL happy?" He will stay in the crate if necessary. He is a counter surfer to the max and is forever hungry. Toby is still trying to sort out his place among the other beagles in residence so there has been the requisite growling. Toby is easily managed, however; and will respond to direction.

UPDATE - 9 DECEMBER 2018: Toby has gone to a new foster home, so stay tuned as we learn more about this beautiful boy!

UPDATE - 22 OCTOBER 2018: Toby, Dutchess, and Odie are all now in a foster home and doing very well. According to Toby's foster mom, he is housebroken and very well behaved. Check out some of his new pictures - very handsome fellow!

NEW - 15 OCTOBER 2018: Toby is a 24 pound, 8-year-old neutered beagle boy who is friendly and good with other dogs. He came to BREW with Dutchess and Odie when their human died suddenly, and they found themselves homeless and at risk at a local shelter. Toby is house trained and available for fostering or adoption.

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  1. If like more information on Toby. Where’s he located?


    • Janet

      Hi Sandy – Toby is a wonderful boy who is currently in a foster home near Montclair, VA. To meet Toby we would need you to read our policies/standards and fill out an application at Then we can assign a volunteer to talk to you directly about Toby and any of our other adoptable beagles.

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