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Published: April 4, 2011

I've been adopted!

Age: 2-3 years

Gender: Male

Update from Titan's foster mom:

Here is an update on Titan!

Titan is a very sweet and affectionate beagle.  He has made tremendous progress in the potty training department since we first received him as a foster.  When we first got Titan he would mark in our house, now he doesn't have any pee accidents at all and will ask to go to the door when he needs to go outside to go potty.  However if he goes to a new location, be it an inside venue or an outside area, the urge to mark is still very strong, but if he is on a leash and you keep a close eye on him he can be prevented from marking with gentle correction.

Titan does much better being able to run around in a fenced yard than being leashed walked or out on a tie out.  Being able to run around in a fenced yard enables him to smell all he wants and then do his business, while on a leash or tie out he feels restricted and no amount of praise, food, or even fast walking to try to keep him on track and off a sent will encourage him to stop sniffing and do his business. Titan is doing so well with his potty training that we are even letting him out of the kennel at night, and he was been allowed to sleep upstairs with us on a dog bed.  He has been doing well and makes it through the night without any accidents.

Titan does like to stick to a strict schedule though, and doesn't understand why the humans don't like to get up as early on the weekends as they do the rest of the week.  Titan loves, loves, loves to be outside.  He enjoys going on walks or hikes, anything that allows him to explore the area around him.  He also rides very nicely in the car, and anytime a car door is open, he hops in and expects to be taken for a ride, even if that human just got home from a long day at work.

Titan can be pretty vocal at times, especially around mealtimes, or anytime he gets on a scent, and at times when he is left in his kennel, so he will probably not do well in an apartment.  We do kennel him when we leave for work, because he has shown an inclination to want to chew on shoes and magazines, though he very nicely gives them up when asked.

He loves other dogs, and plays with our basset hound constantly, and would probably prefer a home with another dog, though would probably do well in a home without another dog, as long as he received lots of one on one attention.  He is a cuddler and if given the chance will curl up in your lap.  Though he does like to go, go, go outside, he is just as eager to hang out on the couch and watch a movie.  He also gets along well with children, and is learning that humans are just as fun to play with as other dogs.  Like most beagles, he is a chow hound and very quickly learned how to sit for his treats.

Titan is a beagle's beagle.  When he is outside, his nose is to the ground the entire time, only coming up for food.  He LOVES to play with other dogs and he gets along well with children.  He enjoys going on walks or hikes, but is also just as content to snuggle on the couch.  His favorite time of the day is breakfast, followed by dinner or vice versa, and he hasn't found a treat that he won't try. He has velvety soft ears and light brown eyes to melt your heart.   He does have the beagle bay, but it only makes itself known during rambunctious play time, or if you're a little too slow getting his food in the bowl. 🙂

Titan has adjusted well to being in a house.  He has gone from a dog that marked on everything, everywhere, to only having the rare pee accident in the house.  He actually stopped marking the third day we had him, though care should be taken when he is in new places, as he may still get the urge.  He still has a little trouble figuring out where to do number two, but he tries very hard to be a good boy and please the people in the house.

He is very playful and can be a bit mischievous, and we have learned that if we can't hear him, it's most likely because he is up to something, such as pulling the plastic bottles out of the recycling bin.  He does like to chew, but so far has limited his chewing to dog toys and only one tennis shoe (no damage was done before it was taken away from him), and one magazine (again minimal damage).

Titan would make a great addition to anyone looking to add companionship or love to their lives.  He may have a few rough edges to work on, but he promises that if you are patient and kind the work will be well worth the reward.

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  1. Titan (Maxwell)

    Update on Titan (Maxwell)
    Hello to all!!!!
    Titan is in his forever home, and has been doing awesome. He has three sisters and loves them all. He is very mischievious, but is finally settled in. We couldn’t be happier with him. We could not love him more. Thank-You BREW. Will be adopting again.

  2. Beth Palsha

    Our Dewey Decimal came from thatbcounty as well. Similar markings? Still available?

  3. Kerry

    Is this handsome boy still avaialble??

    • Missy

      Yes, he is available.

  4. Was Titan lucky enough to join the Beau brother family? Is he still avaliable/? I am interested. Thank you.

    • Laura

      Kathleen, Titan is available.

  5. Julia Novak

    Hello, we recently adopted a male beagle from BREW and was said to come from the same exact county as Titan. His name when we adopted him was Dude (now Beau). We think he may be one of Beau’s brothers, and we would love to adopt him too! Beau has made a complete 180 since we got him and he loves his life so much now. If you could please email me back to we could set up a meet up. We are so excited to hear back!

    Love Julia, Tyler, Beau, Frankie, & Emily

  6. Hi i am looking to adopt a nice dog like titan can you help

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