Tippy’s Happy Ending

Published: April 12, 2011


My story is kind of a little bit of everything. Hello! My name is Tippy Rohde and I was adopted from BREW Midwest on Sept. 1, 2003.

The Rohde Family went a long way to get me. I was being fostered in Ohio. We decided my foster parents would drive to Indiana and we would drive to Indiana. We chose a spot right in the middle so it was fair for each of us. The Rohde's came from the Chicago Land Area and suffered a terrible rain storm on the way. All the streets were flooded. But, that still didn't change anything! When they finally got there I was so happy. I just knew these nice people weren't going to give me up again. I loved their little boy so much I followed him right into the car. (with a little help from him). When I got home there was a surprise for me! Another dog!! I thought "Gee I could play with that dog." The Rohde's other dog, my playmate was adopted from Collie Rescue Of Greater Illinois.

Now I just shut my eyes and think What would happen if these great people didn't adopt me for life!


Tippy & the Rohde Family
Tinley Park, Illinois

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