Tiny Tim

HousetrainedmaleSpecial needs
Published: March 31, 2011

I have been adopted!

Age: 5-6 years

Gender: Male

Update 4/30/2011: Timmy went to the Doctors for his leg. He has some scar tissue that is sensitive by his left leg.

I would be better in a home with just adults because I'm afraid a child will hurt me where my pelvis was shattered. I am working on potty training - have had a few accidents in the house. I love to walk but I need to go slowly. I love love love to play with toys and I enjoy the company of other dogs. We play a lot!  And guess what, I LIKE  the family cat (but please don't tell other dogs that, I mean, it's kinda embarrassing.).

I dig hygiene - because I get my teeth brushed every day. It took me a while to get in to the habit...but seriously, I've come to learn that unbrushed teeth leads to Dragon Breath.

I sleep in a doggy bod next to my foster family.

Oh, and you know how I know I'm from Northern Virginia? I have seasonal allergies. Yeah, you heard that - I get all sneezy over pollen.

First Update: Tiny Tim is doing great! Day 4 no accidents in the house!  Starting to play with our girls a little - when they will allow it.  Loves to run and go on walks. Mostly just likes to go to work with me during the day (sleeping under my desk in the home office!)

Tiny Tim is a 5-6yr old neutered male that weighs around 18lbs. At some point in his life he suffered a hip injury which has healed but left him with a limp. He is very friendly, great with other dogs but was a stray in Abingdon VA so his history is unknown.

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