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Published: July 20, 2011

I've Been Adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 8 months

NEW!! Hello, I'm Tinkerbell.  I am almost 1 year old now and I weigh around 13 pounds.  I try to keep my girlish figure by running in and out, back and forth, around and around with my best pal Waffles.  We are both being fostered together.  I love to steal all the toys and Waffles comes to look for them.  She will grab one and run, then the game is on.  Rule number one, toys must never stay in the toy container.

I am mostly housebroken and go outside to do my business.  I walk on a leash well as long as the other dogs are around.  If I'm by myself with Nana, I sometime lay flat on the floor and do my belly crawl, especially if I'm in going into a new place.  The kids want to pick me up :), but Nana said I must learn to trust her.  I'm still a little shy of new places and things, but I am so curious, I get past that quickly.  Rule number two, trust Nana.
I love to chew, so Nana keeps me with lots of appropriate things.  Nana thought her house was dog proof, but I just love to find things to chew.  We are working on that.  I am learning my manners and I know how to sit, mostly.  My bottom seems to have springs that prevent me from sitting very long.  Rule number three, if it's paper, it must be shredded.
I love dogs, adults, and kids.  Children under 4 make me skittish, I don't bite, I just run away.  I also like to jump up, but I am quickly learning, OFF and GET BACK.  I would do well in any home that enjoys a little trouble, a good laugh and a lot of love. I went to church with Nana and stayed in my crate.  I did not bark or fuss and I really liked all the attention the people gave me after choir practice.  I stay in my crate when Nana goes out so I don't find trouble.  Rule number four, find a loving forever home for me.

Tinkerbell is an 8 month old spayed beagle girl that is tiny!!!  She's friendly and wants affection but is a little unsure about many things.  She hasn't caught on to leash training so she does the belly crawl!!!!   Looks like a little frog!!!!  She gets along great with other dogs.  She was a stray in Amelia Co. so her history is unknown.

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19 Responses

  1. Barbara

    Dana, Tinkerbell is being fostered now in Newark, Delaware. If you are still interested, we could set up a meeting.

  2. I was just wondering if Tinkerbell is still available and if it would be possible to come see her.

    • Laura

      Yes, she is available. We don’t have a facility where you can stop by. Please submit an adoption application to get the process started. Thanks.

  3. Sarah

    Oh perfect! I just submitted and paid for my application and anxiously awaited a reply. Do you know when we can expect to hear back from BREW?

  4. Sarah

    Tinkerbell is exactly what my husband and I are looking for! Is she still available?

    • Laura

      Yes, she is available.

  5. carin

    is she house broken? how does she do with learning new command words? i have a beagle that is a therapy dog now I’m thinking about starting a younger beagle but the right dog likes to go to obedience “class” …..

  6. Marian

    Junior, Tinkerbell has a lot of energy and loves to play, play and play some more with my puppy beagle so I don’t think she would fit in well with your older dog.

  7. junior montiel

    Laura i previosly talked to you about my senior dog,do you think this pup would fit the bill our should i go for older dogs

  8. Dana Settembrino

    Thanks Laura. Where is Tinkerbell located?
    I’d love to go see her

    • Missy

      She is currently in Southern Virginia.

  9. Dana Settembrino

    Has Tinkerbeel been adopted? I have young children and a 5 year old bassett. I live outside of Philly, near the DE border. I have adopted from BREW before and have worked with them over the last 10 years.

    • Laura

      Tinkerbell has not been adopted, Dana. Please submit an app, no need to pay the app fee since you’re a previous adopter. We’ll go from there.

      Laura Charles Johnson
      Director, BREW, Inc.

  10. Joanne Fabey

    I was wondering if Tinkerbell is still in need of foster…..I live in Bethlehem, PA. and have two beagles of my own and am fostering a tiny, shy and submissive beagle girl named Penny who is doing great.

  11. Lou Ellen Kalb

    Earl Oliver sends his love and kisses to all of you at BREW! He is my lovebug, and keeps me on my toes with his antics! He keeps the smile on my face, and my heart warm! He’s a real cuddler! Thank you all again for my baby boy who will be going on 6yrs this March. Wow has the 4 years just flown by!

  12. Lou Ellen Kalb

    Hi Laura!
    Has Tinkerbell found a home yet?

    • Laura

      Hi, Lou Ellen,

      No, Tinkerbell has not been adopted. Maybe you want to meet her??

  13. Desi Campbell

    Just wondering if Tinkerbell has been adopted?

    • Laura


      No, she has not been adopted. Please feel free to submit an adoption application.


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