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Published: November 20, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Tina_4

Age: 5-6 years

Gender: Female

1 JANUARY 2014 UPDATE: Hi there!  I'm Tina, but my foster mom calls me Tink (short for Tinkerbell).  I like to watch squirrels & birds out the window and play with toys - especially the ones that squeak.  I'm a champion cuddler and I love belly rubs.  I've got a very girly howl, according to my foster mom, but I don't use it very much; I'm usually pretty quiet.  I like to get in the trash - you never know if there might be something good in there - but I get in trouble when I do that.  I fall asleep sitting up.  I know I'm supposed to potty outside and I almost always do, but I forget sometimes.  (I'm working on it.)  I like to eat; my foster mom calls me "food motivated."  I beg for food but my foster mom won't give in - no matter how many pathetic looks I give her.  (She's trying to teach me to stop...but hope springs eternal.)  I like to hang out with my foster brother beagles and I try to get them to play but they're old so they aren't really interested.  I like to go on walks and I really want to chase the squirrels but my foster mom won't let me.  I like to eat snow...and sometimes dirt.  Oh, and I LOVE to give kisses.  Do you think maybe I'd be a good addition to your family?

Original Info: Tina came to BREW as a stray from the Louisa County, VA Animal Shelter.  She arrived at the shelter pregnant and delivered 4 pups. She was a wonderful mom and is great with small kids and other dogs. Stay tuned for more info once Tina moves into a foster home!

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  1. Sarah DeBruin

    We would love to meet Tina! She sounds adorable. My husband and I are looking to adopt again after losing our previous BREW beagle to cancer.

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