Their Dreams Came True: The Happy Endings Story of Elvis and Viva Las Vegas

Published: April 13, 2011

Hi there!!!

Our names are Bode and Tahoe and this is our happy endings story as translated by our forever dad and mom. We used to be called Viva Las Vegas and Elvis but we are now known as Bode (Vegas) and Tahoe (Elvis). Our lives began in the confines of a Delaware laboratory where we were born and then had veterinary vaccines tested on us. The lab needed to be sure the vaccines were good for puppies as well as for adult dogs! Once our job was done, the lab turned over to the people at Brew Beagles (Yea !!!). We were herded up by the BREW volunteers and quickly moved from the labs to our foster homes for care and loving until our forever families could be found.

We remember our foster homes very well and don’t think we will ever forget these great volunteers who took us in and gave us lots of love. I (Tahoe) was placed with a very nice young lady (Leah) and her husband somewhere outside the Washington, DC beltway. I liked it there but wished really hard for my own forever family. My brother (Bode) was placed with a young man (Eric) and his fiancé not too far from where I was staying. He talks about them and how they would play with him and hug him and love him but he too wished for his own forever family.

Then one day in January of 2005 (remember the great snowstorm), our wish came true. Our foster parents told us that some special people who never ever met us before were going to be coming all the way down from New Hampshire just for us. We were told that they were broken hearted because they recently lost their best friend; a beagle just like us only he was 13 years old. He died and went to the rainbow bridge to wait for us all to come later, much later. Well on that special day, it started to snow a little, then a lot. Bode was the first to meet our new dad. He tells me the story of how he was in the front yard playing in the snow when all of a sudden this green van pulled into the driveway and out stepped our new dad. He said that he ran over to him because he knew he was special and gave him lots of kisses and was so glad to see him. It wasn’t too long before he and dad were on the road to get me. By the time my new dad arrived, there was a lot of snow on the ground. My foster mom went out to meet him and show him in. I was waiting at the door with a big puppy smile and I just couldn’t stop wagging my tail. I was so happy to see him I knew he was the dad I had been waiting for.

Soon after meeting my forever dad, we were off to my new home. We had to travel in the snowstorm but were lucky to be able to stay with my Aunt Carol who lives in Harrisburg, Pa. She was a nice lady and let Bode and I play in her house. She didn’t even get mad at us when we had a small accident or two or three or four. The next morning when the snow stopped, we were off again. This time we traveled all-day and part of the night to get to our New Hampshire home. It was a long tiring day with many stops, but we made it.
My forever dad told us that we had a new doggie mom named Deeva that would care for us and show us how to be puppies. After we met and smothered our new people mom with kisses, we were introduced to our new doggie mom (Deeva) for the first time. She was really big but she was nice to us and wagged her tail and wanted to play with us that very first night. She told us that our forever parents were good and would give us lots of love.

We were given our own special room downstairs (with lots of toys and blankets and cushions) until we got acquainted with our new surroundings. The next day we were ready to start our new life in our very own special forever home. We got started by investigating the upstairs and then the back yard. After a while we were even allowed to go out into the Drs. Office (our new mom and dad are Chiropractors and even take care of animals) to meet people as they came in. Eventually we felt more at home and once we were mostly housebroken we were allowed to sleep in the big bed with Deeva and our mom and dad. It’s amazing how such big people can sleep in such tiny spaces and leave the rest of the bed for us. Isn’t that nice of them. My new dad says that we snore and twitch but I just think that he is a light sleeper because we don’t hear or feel anything when we go to sleep.

We get to go to a big red barn once or twice a week to smell neat smells like deer and other wild animals like that. I think there is even a kitty that lives under the barn. We’ve never met him but we sure can smell him. One day we even got to smell a bear that crawled over the fence and left some fur behind. It sure did smell interesting and frightening at the same time. The barnyard is fenced so Bode and I can run free without any worries but we stay close to our new family. Sometimes we get to go hiking on some trails around our land. We once smelled a moose that had walked down the trail and left huge footprints in the snow. We really like to play in the snow and there was a lot of it when we first got to our new home. There was so much snow that it was so deep that we couldn’t see where we were walking. Later when the snow got icy, we could walk and slide on top of it. Now the snow has gone and we are much bigger but we still like to go for our walks on the mountain. Our new dad tells us that when we finish obedience classes we will be allowed to go for longer overnight camping trips up on Mount Washington. I really can’t wait for that. Bode says that he wants to go right now because he likes to climb up on high places. But for now we’re happy to go and do anything with our new family. We especially like to go for rides in the van. When we do, we sometimes drive up to these magic windows that give us doggie treats. Can you imagine that? Windows with treats!!

Our new doggie mom (Deeva) likes to play with us a lot. She often lets us chase her around the barnyard and even lets us catch her. Bode and I can usually catch her without too much trouble because she only has three legs, but she sure can fly even though she is missing a leg. She likes to play with us on the floor at home as well. She will often roll on the ground (floor) so that we can wrestle with her. Sometimes she plays a little rough and we have to let her know she’s playing too hard but she always eases up and we play some more.

We are really grateful to the wonderful people at BREW who put our pictures on the web and made it possible for us to live the good life in our forever home with our forever family. Thanks Leah, Eric, Susan, Donna as well as everyone else who touched our lives (like the lab who cared enough to send us to rescue) and helped us find our new home.

Bode (Viva Las Vegas) and Tahoe (Elvis).

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