The Wharton Pack

Published: April 13, 2011

In 2001, our family beagle that had been with us for about 12 years passed away. We tried to live for a while without a beagle in the house. We were unable to do it.

My mom, Maria Wharton, was searching the Internet for an adoption agency. She happened upon the BREW website. All the available beagles were soo cute! We knew we wanted a puppy. We couldn’t decide between two brothers, Bo and Astro. There was a tie between them and when we went to meet them at their foster home, it was even harder. We wanted both. We finally decided on Bo. The entire time our family became regular visitors to the BREW website. We got our home inspection to see if we were considered a good family for a BREW beagle. Daisy, the beagle who came to do our home inspection, relaxed right away. My parents began the adoption process. We decided to change Bo’s name to Scout. He was going to be the mascot of the Boy Scout troop and the name just fit him. My sister, Emily, and brother, Andy, and I were soo excited. We couldn’t wait. When we went to the vet in Virginia to pick Scout up everybody went, except my mom. We settled into life with our new boy. We were thrilled at everything he did.

We became extremely regular visitors to the website. My mom more so than the rest of us. Then one day she spotted the beagle that would become our second dog. We had to convince our dad, Rick, to let us adopt him. He was about one year old when he captured our hearts. We went to Beaglefest that year and only had to fill out the adoption papers since we already had a BREW beagle. Our entire family had a great time eating, playing and lounging in full beagle style. We took him home much to Scout’s dismay. He was shocked at the intruder that was worming his way into his family. They settled down and got to business of the alpha dog of the pack. Scout won, by a very small margin.

They settled into the life of luxury that was the entitlement of a Wharton beagle. It was life in paradise for our two boys for a while. Then we started going to the website again and again. My mom found the medical lab dogs and fell in love with Kentucky Rain, a little dog. Scout, who is a mama’s boy, just was shocked. He always disliked it when the s went to the website because we crooned over pictures and weren’t paying attention to him. We decided to adopt Kentucky Rain. We changed her name to Olivia Rose because she got into so much trouble she needed a middle name. We loved having a puppy again. She became the alpha dog of our pack.

Today our guys are still slightly confused, but they’re getting better and are very protective of their little sister. Scout and Olivia wrestle and Tucker referees the play fights. They chase each other around our backyard, Tucker and Scout ganging up on Olivia. All three love going running with Dad and get upset when he leave without them. They are crazy but we love them.

It was all thanks to BREW! They led us to our pack and we couldn’t thank them enough.

The Wharton Family.

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