The Story of Leia

Published: April 22, 2011

Our little BREW Beagle, Leia, has been a wonderful blessing to our family.

We talk often about how the events that led to Leia (formerly Lilac) coming to us were very fortuitous… it was just “meant to be.”  We had two wonderful dogs already (Melody, a border collie mix and Billy, a beagle mix), and had no thoughts about adding a third.  Then we spotted Lilac online, and couldn’t deny that we were both drawn to her!  She was black and white like Melody, and about the size of Billy… it was just too funny to ignore.  SO, we applied and checked everything out, figuring that we had nothing to lose.  That was Sign #1.

Soon thereafter we were having a home visit with a charming BREW rep, who approved us right away.  Sign #2.  That same day we got a call that the beagle pup could come to our home if we still wanted her… which we certainly did!

We then found out she was in Pennsylvania, a bit of a hike from our home in Madison, WI.  But we started to plan out how to go get her, when we got a call from the Midwest adoption coordinator that they were returning from a northeast vacation, and would be happy to bring our puppy to Chicago!  This perfect string of events couldn’t continue, we figured.  But that still serves as Sign #3.

In talking with Lilac’s lovely foster parents (and the adoption coordinator who was so nice to pick up an strange dog and drive her all the way to Illinois!), we found out that she was a perfectly normal beagle pup, with the usual inquisitiveness and perkiness.  We heard reports of her not being that easy with car rides, and getting sick now and then, but decided we could handle it.  Then the day came, a week later, to go get her in Chicago.  Upon entering the room she ran right to us, all tails and kisses.  She almost seemed to sense that we were her new parents and she was going HOME.  Sign #4.

After going through the official adoption process (and giving her her first collar and tag), we walked our latest addition out to our car for the 2 hour ride home, remembering the advice that she might not really relax, she’d not done perfectly in cars up to that point-well, no sooner was she sitting in our car did she curl up, and fall asleep before we left the parking lot!  Again, she seemed to realize that she was going HOME, and could just relax with us.  Sign #5.

Since then, she has grown in size and personality (she is a whole year old now!), and she always has a smile and a kiss for everyone she knows.  Her name changed quickly to Leia (yes, we have a Star Wars dog), and she has become quite the house princess.  Melody and Billy… well, they enjoy having a little sister again, even if the antics of a new puppy were not what they counted on!  But everyone plays together, and conversely knows when to give each other space.  They have it all figured out, I’d say.

Leia has also found out that one of her true callings must be to be a student-she LOVES obedience and training classes!  All we have to do is tell her it’s time for school, and she is sitting by the door ready to go.  She has passed two different courses with flying colors, and is going to do many more coming up.  She loves being the teacher’s pet!  It is possible that she might receive some support towards being a therapy dog as time goes on.

So as I said before… looking back at all of the “signs” leading up to Leia joining our family, it seems obvious that we were meant to find her and bring her home.  We all love her very much.

We are thrilled, too, that she came from an organization like BREW-the folks there have done wonderful things for so many dogs, and we are proud to continue contributing when we can, and we often encourage others to look at BREW beagles too!

Thank you again for all that you do.

Ben & Marisa Welch

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