The Hahn Girls

Published: April 13, 2011

The WHOLE Hahn Family

It’s true enough. My son is the beagle whisperer. Just ask our beagles. Annie knew it right away when Bill walked through the PETCO door and into a BREW adoption day. She had been shy, demure (as only a beagle girl can be) and not very interested in any possible human contact UNTIL Bill. She perked up and ran up to him and while jumping on him with a wagging tail she eagerly gave wet beagle kisses. She had chosen her man and was headed for her forever home. That was 4 years ago.

Today, Bill’s parents have adopted two BREW beagle girls. One of these two girls is Abby, one of the lab beagles. The second beagle girl is Meadow, an energetic and enthusiastic puppy. Bill walks into the house and sits on the carpet and the dogs literally stop what they are doing to head in his direction. Shy Abby places her head on his lap while the bouncy Meadow calms right down (after a wet beagle kiss) and sits next to him looking up at him with those big brown beagle eyes. He pets them both and speaks beagle praises. These two girls just rest quietly at his side until he stands up to engage them in play.

So, what is his magic? Could it be his beagle Annie and his sister’s BREW adopted beagle Maggie have communicated with Abby and Meadow? (Yes, that’s 4 BREW beagles in our family.)

Bill is a beagle whisperer and the BREW beagles understand.

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