The Dog That Changed My Life

Published: April 13, 2011

Julie and Scott Larese

Well the story all starts when our family was having troubles in Washington D.C. NO one was happy and I myself needed a friend. My parents brought us to the Petco in Alexandria and to our surprise there were a ton of beagles there for adoption. We spent hours looking at all the beagles. We met one beagle who was really hyper and extremely loving, but the only problem was the hyperness.

Yeah, the beagle was a lover but it was running circles around us.

Then I made eye contact with this rather large beagle (Bravo) that was sitting away form the rest. He had his tail tucked and chin down low. In a way it reminded me of myself. I was always lonely and never seemed to be happy. I always stayed on the outside of the groups even when everyone lese was having a blast. This behavior caused me to be depressed.

I walked over to this beagle and got on my knees. The dark brown pools that were his eyes just drowned me. I Could tell just by looking at him that he was a lover. Just what My family, and especially me, needed. HE lifted his paw so that I would pet his chest, while dipping his nose really low.

In a matter of minutes the dog that pulled my heartstrings was now coming home with us. The only thing that slowed his adoption was he had never been fostered and could have some faults. We didn't care. This beagle was perfect. Although we took a risk of adopting him like this we sure did not make any mistakes. This dog was the best dog ever all he ever wants to do is please.
He cuddles and cuddles unstoppably.

And the best part of all is he helped me. I am now the happiest person ever and nothing could bring me down. I don't know how I got along with out him.

Thank you BREW for your work.

In a way we saved this dog from the needle and he saved me from depression.

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