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Published: July 12, 2013

I've Been Adopted!Tex_July2013_01

Age: 1-3

Gender: Male

23 JULY 2013 UPDATE: Tex has settled into his foster home really well, even though he has only been with us for four days. He is a big bundle of love and affection; he loves people, gets along with our 15-, 30-, and 60-pound dogs (apart from a few grumbles between him and our grumpy/anxious dog), and just sniffs the cats. Tex has clearly lived in a house before and is both crate- and house-trained, and he found the water dishes and dog beds almost immediately upon arrival. He will sleep anywhere at floor level (dog bed, rug, cool floor), and he hasn’t shown any interest in sleeping on the couch or human bed. Our house is fairly well pet-proofed, but the only things he has chewed on thus far have been dog toys, and he has engaged our more playful dog in some play-fighting (lots of barking and running, but no biting). Tex is big enough to put his front paws up on counters, tables, and windowsills, but after correcting him verbally and with a spray bottle for two days, he seems to have stopped jumping up on things (I wouldn’t trust him with food within reach, though!). He seems to be used to “holding it,” and he has yet to potty at all on our twice daily walks, preferring to go in the fenced yard. He likes walks but needs work on the leash, as he is quite a puller. Tex has nice, big beagle voice, which he has used when crated without other dogs in the room (once), playing in the house, and occasionally when dogs or kids have gone past the yard. Apart from needing some guidance with counters/tables and leash practice, Tex has been an easy addition to our pack, and he is definitely ready for his forever home!

JULY 2013: Tex sure is a lucky beagle! He was found in the woods by some Dominion Power workers who were working on some power lines. He had a terrible leg injury that looked gruesome (too much to post here). He is now all healed up and ready to be lucky again and find a great family to call his own.

Tex came to BREW from Halifax County, Virginia. He was already neutered when he arrived at the shelter, so he was probably someone's pet before he ended up in the woods. He's very friendly and outgoing. Tex is a bigger beagle who weighs about 40 pounds. He will be a world-class counter surfer (see photos)!

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  1. Michael

    Odin (the beagle formerly known as “Tex”) is doing great! I decided to name him “Odin” because at 40 pounds, I thought he should have a regal name. We had two awesome walks today with no almost pulling. He has staked out all his favorite spots in the house and yard and claimed the futon in the den as his own. He loves to howl at bicyclists when they go by, and those who have met him all comment on how sweet and affectionate he is. He was not interested in toys at all at first, then I got him a treat dispensing ball (he went wild rolling it around and tossing it into the air) and this helped engage him in his other toys as well. He even legitimately fetched a tennis ball (bringing it back to me after I threw it) though we are yet to have a repeat performance of this skill (but we’ll get there.) He’s an unusual fellow – he would rather be pet and scratched than given a treat, so there’s a lot of that going on here!
    Thank you Brew!

    • ErinS

      Sounds like you are making great progress – I am so glad you found each other!

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