Published: May 22, 2018

I met Tasker on September 17th 2006. He’d been found at a shelter in Virginia after being taken from a hoarder. His BREW name was Snackster and I was told he was given that name by a 3 year old when his family tried to adopt him. Task was considerd an escape risk and was returned back to BREW.

It was slow and cautious going at first. I hand fed Tasker kibble and treats to get him comfortable and he gradually began to show his trust. Within a few months I had a bud that didn’t leave my side. It took a couple years for him to come out of his shell completely, but my family and friends were soon talking about how much the formerly shy dog that hid under tables was the center of family gatherings big and small. His escape risk proved to be short lived as well, as he would prove himself time and again to be a full fledged home body. Once, when we lived in Baltimore, his collar broke and he ran down the block. His destination, our door mat. He waited patiently for me as if to say, see this is why I hate walks (and he made his opinion on walks all too clear).

Tasker was smart and loyal, goofy and driven. To his friends and family, he was Task, Taskman, T-man and Mcgillacuddy. He will be missed by the people and dogs he touched around the country. I’ll remember him most for how no lock or gate could contain him, and how he’d happily curl up on the floor of the car wether we were going to PetSmart or New York. Over the years he welcomed with open arms My Wife, Beth, her lab mix, Nelson, and our now 18 month old Daughter, Lily.

He left us at 5:15 PM on Thursday, May 17th, 2018 after a couple years of Kidney trouble.

He was my best friend and I miss him very much.

As I told him everyday when I left for work,

See ya later, pal. Be Good.


-Joe, Beth, Lily, and Nelson.

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  1. I met my husband on our first date, and met Task on our third date. He was a big reason I fell in love with my husband–I learned everything I needed to know about Joe by watching how he treated Tasker. Each day I was with Tasker I learned something new and endearing about him. In the beginning, I learned how goofy, sweet, and gentle he was. In the end, I learned how selfless, brave, and loyal he was. I will miss Tasker more than words can adequately say, but I feel so lucky to have gotten to call him our dog. I’ll miss you, sweet boy.

  2. Your tribute was very inspiring. We have had 6 beagles & every time we’ve had one cross the rainbow bridge it gets harder & harder to part with my beloved beagles. My husband has told me no more beagles because it just devastates me when I lose one. We still have a BREW alum & he is the love of my life. I cherish every moment I have with him because he has Cushings disease & I don’t know how much longer I have to spend with him. I was never much of a dog person until I got a beagle. They have changed my outlook on dogs. You won’t find a finer dog. You truly have my sympathy.

  3. Your Tasker Man was so so handsome!! May all of The beautiful memories if him fill your heart with smiles and joy!!
    My Beagle-Basset boy CARTER MAN was adopted from BREW on December 23, 2008, at the age of 4 1/2 years. He is still with us and even though he is now blind and nearly deaf, he is happy and eating well.
    Beagles are such loving funny dogs! Your family is so fortunate to have had the love of a Beagle!! Hope your family will one day save another Beagle!!

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