Available Soon!

Age: 18 months

Gender: Female

UPDATE – 3 MARCH 2014: Flora apparently had a very scary life before coming to rescue.  She is frightened of almost everything.  She has been in her foster home for a little over a month now and has made great progress.  She has found that stuffed toys are fun as well as rawhide chews and treats.  When she gets frightened or scared, she will hide under the sofa blankets.  Because of the weather our outside training has been on hold.  She is terrified of the outside.  I have set up a potty area, and she is basically paper trained.  She finds the crate very comforting.  However, when I work long hours, I gate her in the kitchen with her crate door open and she is content.  Her favorite thing is shredding magazines and chewing cords and books – after all she is still a puppy. She entertains herself with her stuffed toys and loves belly rubs and cuddling.

Flora will need a special forever home – a home that is quiet (no kids – at least at this time) and a person who is very patient and understanding of her fears. Once she is leash trained and comfortable with going outside, she will be ready for her forever home. Check back for updates.

7 FEBRUARY 2014: Flora still has quite a ways to go in becoming comfortable as a house dog, but she is making progress. Her foster mom reports: “She is fine with me as long as I am sitting down. She will come and sit next to me and will even expose her belly for a rub. When I stand up and try to approach her, she runs. She will not take treats from my hand.  I have to put them on the floor and walk away. She has started to come to me for pets. She had discovered toys and rawhide treats.  If I put my coat on or pick up a leash, she runs. Emily still treats her like her puppy, grooming her and Flora lets her.” Flora is afraid to go outside, which has hindered her house-training, and she will try everything in her power to escape from a fenced yard. We are continuing to work with Flora, and she will ultimately do best in a home with someone who is patient and that can give her both the time and attention and, sometimes, the space she needs, to adjust and learn to be a pet.

Quick update – 31 JANUARY 2014: Flora is very timid but is slowly coming out of her shell.

Initial info: Flora was an owner surrender along with Emily in Dinwiddie, Virginia. More details coming soon!

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I’ve Been Adopted!

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

UPDATE 4/15/2014: Claus is a sweet little boy who after 8 weeks of living with me has finally come out of his shell.  We have nicknamed him thumper because of the little prance that he does when you walk in the door or he gets excited. If he could smile I think he would walk around with a smile on his face all day and of course the tail wagging.  He loves to follow his big sister into the back yard and run along the face barking at whatever might be on the other side.  When we go for walks he walks to my right staying very close barely pulling at all.  He now will jump up in my lap for an ear rub and as well as a good nap.  He sleeps well during the night either on the floor or next to me in bed.  He still does have a little fear of strangers, but he is getting better.

He does have a couple of issues, like all beagles loves to eat and has mastered knocking over the dog food container where ever I place it, unlocking the snap lock, opening the  lid and eating his fill.  He at times has problems with house training while I’m at work and we had to crate him, if your home it is not an issue.  He is also a master at escape and has dug out of my fenced in yard, but always comes back when you call. I have had to place him on a lead and keep an eye on him when he is outside.  I would suggest, either walking him to relieve himself or an electric fence, he is a fast learner and I think would get the hang of not leaving the yard in a short period of time.

Claus is a special little boy and I hope to find him a very loving home.  I think he would be fine on his own or with another dog.

UPDATE – 1 MARCH 2014: Claus is a very special little boy. He has been with me three weeks now and road in the car with no fuss for an hour. Not sure what his background is, but it is obvious that he has not been around people or in a loving home.  He (wearing red collar in the photos with two dogs) loves to follow his big sister (my beagle Lilly) around, but is not comfortable with people yet.   He is very shy and runs for the hills when you approach him.  He is not a lap dog, but will lay quietly in the room as long as something does not scare or approach him.   He has a fenced in yard to wander around in, but when it is time to come in, half of the time I have to open the door and walk almost out of site before he will come in.  When going for a walk on a leash, he will not go potty, and each time a car approached, he froze and shook until the car was out of site.  At this point he is not comfortable playing with Lilly or myself.  When mealtime comes around, I have to put the bowl down and walk away before he will eat.  He is very afraid of new people and kids.

Despite his past, he is a very sweet boy, but right now he will require lots of patience, understanding and love.  I think he would best in a home where people have had a dog before or currently have a dog.  A forever home with no live-in kids or a couple who are empty nesters who would be looking for a little guy to spoil.

If you have enough patience to give him the time and attention he needs you would get a very special little boy.  I know in the right home he will come out of his shell and become a happy go lucky little guy.  I have seen big changes since he has been here, but he still has a ways to go.

Original info: Claus is a 2-year-old male beagle.  He was picked up as a stray in Louisa County with Holly and Christmas.  He is friendly, but his history is unknown. He will be available for adoption once he is fully vetted. Stay tuned for more information as we get to know Claus better!

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I’m Available!

Age: Approximately 6-8 years

Gender: Female


July 29, 2013: There’s not much more to add about Polly except that the addition of a senior foster brother has only added one more individual to her kingdom. She’s a very affectionate little beagle and will do best as either an only dog or with a submissive packmate.

She is ideally suited to someone at home a lot who will give her lots of attention, take her with them whenever possible and allow her the run of the house. She’s allowed to be loose in the house and yard when the people are gone and hasn’t gotten into anything in the time she’s been here. She comes to the side gate to watch the people leave and comes out to great us (sometimes by barking) when we return. She uses the dog door at night if she needs to go out. Polly will bark at unfamiliar noises but will usually come in when told to stop.

This is a nice little beagle and deserves a loving “furever” home with someone who will cherish her.

January 26, 2013: Polly came to us a week before Christmas, 2012. She is a mature little 22lb tricolor beagle (the vet says 6-8 years old) who is very affectionate to people but can be skittish until she knows you. Polly will bark at anyone who comes to the door, but then wants to be rubbed under the chin. She does not like to be picked up and will vigorously fight anything she doesn’t want to do. Polly will come when called and sits for her food and treats. She sleeps on the bed up against me or in another dog bed without problem and is a couch potato. Polly is not as food driven as other beagles. If she isn’t hungry she will ignore the food. When she is eating she is very defensive of other dogs coming near her or the food.

Since she came here Polly has not had an accident in the house. She uses the dog door and will potty while on the leash. She likes to ride in the car and will run for her leash. She likes to explore every scent and bush while on the leash.

Polly will be best in a home without other dogs or children. Unexpected noises and random movements close to her can bring on nippy behavior. When tested with my 7 year old and 9 year old grandchildren, she was fine as long as they sat still and rubbed her. Once they became active she became very nervous.

Right now Polly shares the house with a 32lb resident senior beagle who is very laid back and with a young ~30lb adult beagle who is very active. She often doesn’t want them anywhere near her chair or bed and will snarl at them and lunge if she thinks they don’t get the message. When she wants to play Polly doesn’t hesitate to jump right in. Although the smallest, she is definitely the dominant dog in the household.

Polly will be a wonderful addition to a home with people who are willing to take the time to integrate her into their lives. She looks like a puppy compared to the other dogs but is fully grown.

Polly is such a sweet little girl.  She is quiet and just a great beagle. She also came from Caroline County Animal Shelter.

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Bernard AKA Butch

I’ve Been Adopted!

Age: 12 ish

Gender: Male

Hi! Butch here! Okay, I know BREW calls me Bernard, but I have been Butch for so many years, that my foster family just calls me that.  Let me tell you, things have been going great since I got here around Thanksgiving.  First off, I know all of you out there want to know one thing: and, it’s true! I have not had one accident since getting here… I am HOUSE TRAINED! But there is lots more to me than a dependable pup.

You may have noticed that I am an older gentleman.  Old age comes with baggage.  I have some arthritis, and it has affected my walking gait.  Because of that, I am not able to go up or down stairs and I must take medication every day to help me.  Foster Mom has taken me to the vet several times for reassessment, and while I am doing better, we are still adjusting dosages to see what will work best for me.  Right now, I take three medications each day and I am doing a lot better.  Nothing can reverse the damage that has been done, but we are working to let me be as comfortable as I can be.

I also had my teeth evaluated and cleaned.  Hoo-boy, does my mouth feel better! I eat dry kibble (the weight-management kind, please) and love treats, too.  I am at a good weight now and it is really important that my new family help me keep my weight down, so that I don’t stress my joints too much.

Updated 2/22/11:  Okay, that’s the “bad” news… but, if you’re still reading this, you may be wondering: What is it like to spend a day in my paws?  I am an easy-going, self-possessed beagle guy.  My former folks told BREW that I am crate-trained, but Foster Mom has never felt the need to crate me here.  I have been very trustworthy.  I get along well with the other doggie residents here, but I would be fine as an only dog, too. I might even like that better. All the loving for me! I really like to be near people, and sometimes, I get a little “talkative” if I can’t get to where they are in the house. Oh, and I also like to talk to the mail carrier… and school kids walking by… and… well, you get the idea! Foster Mom squirts me with water when I get a little too chatty.  Oh, have you noticed that I have the “not good with kids” icon?  Well, I would be fine with older kids… but the little ones are too much for me.  They are fast and unpredictable… and I am a plodding along kind of guy. But I am very friendly to all humans. At night, I like to sleep on a bed near the people’s bed.  I hope you won’t mind if I snore a bit. My tail is always wagging… I am a happy hound!

Check out my last adoption day: http://smilebox.com/playBlog/4d6a49344e546b7a4e6a673d0d0a&blogview=true

Bernard was adopted in 2002. Since then, he has been a well loved member of the family (and called “Butch”). Sadly, bad things happened to the family. The wonderful daughter tried to keep things together, but it became way too much for her.

Bernard is a low-key and happy boy. He needs to lose some weight, but he is a very nice dog!

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Robin Lee

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Robin Lee

I’ve been adopted!

Age: 2 years

Gender: Female

February 14, 2012 – Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  It’s RobinLee here.  I noticed that I have not been able to get my foster-human to update my information in almost a year.  Well, things have changed a lot!

I am still a little shy, but I’m not afraid of people anymore.  As a matter of fact I will even go up to people to see if they want to give me a treat (I know how to “sit” for them) or pet me.  I still want a quieter house, and people who will give me a bit of time and space to get to know them and trust them, but I really like to snuggle and give kisses once we’re all comfortable.

I can be crated by myself now, I don’t have to have another dog in the crate with me, anymore!  That’s not to say that I won’t still object to being crated and to you leaving, but I settle down pretty quickly.  And I DO need to be crated, or at least in a room some where I can’t get into anything, I do get nervous being alone and I sometimes get too nervous to remember what I am and am not allowed to chew on.


I do need another dog to help me be comfortable and to teach me “the ropes” in the new house, and younger kids would be too much activity for me, but I’m good with other dogs, and cats.  I do get a little pushy sometimes with the other dogs, I even sometimes try to steal their treats, but I do that a lot less since one of the other dogs in the house got really mad at me for it, and I ended up with some stitches because I didn’t listen when she said “no”, but I was really, really good about not fussing at the stitches.

So, do you think you have room in your home (and heart) for me?

02/28/2011 – Hi there, RobinLee here.  I’m still in my foster home and I’ve come a long way from the sick, scared little beagle girl I was when I first arrived, so I thought I’d update everybody, ’cause I would like to find my forever home.

I’m still pretty shy, but I like treats and if you talk gently to me I will come take one and even let you pet me – but under my chin, please, people reaching over my head still scares me, but if you start under my chin and work up to ear-scritches….. Oh how I like that!

I LOOOOVE other dogs and play a lot with the puppy (now 9 months old) in my foster home.  She used to be my size, but now she’s a lot bigger, but bigger dogs are OK, so are smaller ones, it’s just the people that make me nervous.  I think I need another dog in my new home to help me be comfortable, I sure hope you have a brother or sister for me!

I really don’t like to be alone (without another dog), and crating me was a bit of a challenge at first, but my foster-human found out that I don’t mind being crated if I’m sharing the crate with another dog.  Sometimes I’ll even be OK alone (not for long, though, please!) if I get a “puzzle treat” when the humans leave.  A “puzzle treat” is something that I have to work at to get the goodies out of – sometimes it’s a Kong, sometimes it’s a neat rubber ball that I have roll and step on, stuff like that.

I’m pretty nervous when we go somewhere, but again, if people don’t rush up to me and push me into being pet I come around and sometimes even approach somebody.

I probably wouldn’t be very good in a home with kids, they don’t seem to understand that sometimes a girl just needs to do things at her own pace.  I wouldn’t hurt them, but they move fast and scare me and then I need to go find a quiet place to recover.

I will sleep in a crate (with another dog) at night, but if you let me, I like to sleep on the bed.  I like nights I get to sleep on the bed with my foster-human and some of the other dogs.  If I’m having a “nervous” night, I might wait until the human goes to sleep (or at least until they’re still) and then I sneak up onto the bed, down by the feet and in the far corner, but I do like the bed!  I even stay there if I feel that I’m getting pet.  I actually LIKE being pet when I’m feeling really safe and secure.

I walk pretty well on leash and I actually LOOOOVE car rides, although I’m not so fond of being left alone in the care even for you to run in and back out to pay for gas, so I pretty much do the pet-store trips where I can go in, or to the doggie-park where I get to get out and play or, when I’m really lucky, a walk (OK, a sniff) on some of the local walking trails.

So, if you’re looking for a quiet girl who can kick up the energy-level for outdoor activity and you are willing to be patient while I decide that I’m safe, ask BREW about me, I’m sure my foster-human would be happy to tell you more about me and answer any questions.
Arooo for now!


October 13, 2010 – Umm, hello, excuse me, yes, me, down here.  I’m Robin (also RobinLee).  I’m a pretty shy beagle-girl.  Probably about 2 years old.  I was in a shelter ‘cause they told the people where I lived that they had too many dogs and had to get rid of four of us.  I’m not sure what the criteria were, but they picked 4 of us and away we went.  At the shelter I heard talk about ‘backyard breeder’, I’m not sure what that means, but I do appear to have had at least one litter.

My companions were all adopted pretty quickly, but I was too shy to let the people who came through see what a sweet girl I am, I was afraid to even look at them.  Then one day I started coughing, and the people at the shelter thought maybe I’d do better in a home.  Lucky for me a B.R.E.W. volunteer had been through and reminded the shelter staff about B.R.E.W., so they called and asked if I could become a B.R.E.W. dog, so here I am.

I’ve been in my foster home for about 5 weeks now.  It took a couple of weeks to get my cough and upper-respiratory infection cleared up, next I had to be spayed so that I don’t have to worry about having any more litters.  That’s an awful lot to go through in not very long!  I only had a couple of accidents when I first got there, but I was really sick and sometimes it just took too long to get the other dogs out of the way since I wasn’t supposed to have contact with them until I was better.  I haven’t had another accident since I got better.

I currently live with 6 other dogs, all but one of them beagles, and that other one is a puppy.  I like playing with the puppy and sometimes the other dogs.  I really, really want to be comfortable with the two-legged house member (you know, the one that feeds me and gives out treats) but I’m not quite there yet.  I will sometimes sneak up and get a quick pet or lick fingers or toes, but then my courage gives out and I need to put some space between us.

I get along OK with the other dogs except at night when I’m tired and get settled into a spot. Then I get grumpy and growl at the other dogs if they walk by.  When I get grumpy like that the two-legged housemate usually makes me go into my crate – which I don’t then mind because I’m tired.  I like my crate when I choose to be in it, but I can get really loud if you put me in and close the door when I don’t want to be in it, especially if it looks like you’re leaving, but I’m still a bit too curious about EVERYTHING to be allowed run-of-the-house.

I would probably do best in a quiet home with another dog and a fenced yard – do you have space in your life (and heart) for a little girl who needs understanding but is trying hard?

Meet Robin Lee. Her rescuer said that she’s shy but not unworkable.  Robin Lee was actually quite happy leashed in my car waiting for the tow-truck (nothing wrong with my car, a friend’s car broke down and she called for a ride while I was getting Robin).  She just needs more postive association with people.  She got quite animated upon seeing my guys.

Sponsored By: Gloria Day – In Memory of Cody, a Very Sweet Australian Shepherd, R.I.P.

Amanda Long


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