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DelilaFebruary 25, 2014

Age: 3 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsMedium

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 31 MAY 2014: Delila and Odie came to their foster home one week ago and had completely different responses.  They arrived while I was out and were spending time in the yard with my husband.  Immediately upon my stepping into the yard, Delila ran...
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BentleyFebruary 25, 2014

adultGood with dogsmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 5 years Gender: Male Bentley is a 5-year-old male beagle who will be available for adoption after his vetting is completed [update: Bentley is now vetted!].  He is very friendly, low-key, and good with other dogs but was stray in Culpeper, Virginia,...
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Susie QFebruary 24, 2014

adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a clueMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 3-4 years Gender: Female 29 August 2014: Susie Q has now been in her foster home for two weeks, and she is a delightful girl to have around! She seems to have never met a stranger – my husband was on a...
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BrutusFebruary 24, 2014

adultGood with dogsGood with kidsmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 3 years Gender: Male Brutus is a 3-year-old neutered male beagle who is fully vetted and ready to go!!  He was an owner give-up because he didn't hunt.  He is friendly, a little submissive, and gets along great with small children...
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SpotFebruary 24, 2014

Age: 4 years Gender: Male
adultCrate-trainedGood with catsGood with dogsHousetrainedmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 31 JANUARY 2015: Spot continues to do well in our house. He enjoyed romping around in the snow. He is pretty much housetrained and is perfectly fine being in his crate while we are at work. At night he sleeps in his dog...
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BowserFebruary 24, 2014

adultCrate-trainedGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a cluemaleMediumPotties on leash

I've Been Adopted! Age: 3 years Gender: Male 2 NOVEMBER 2014: Meet Bowser!  His favorite things are rolling in the grass, food and treats, belly rubs, rolling in the grass, telling stories (i.e., howling), and did I mention rolling in the grass??  He also likes to...
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Frederic IIIFebruary 10, 2014

adultCrate-trainedGood with dogsHigh EnergyHousetrainedmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 2 years Gender: Male UPDATE - 20 MARCH 2014: Frederic is one sweet beagle boy! He is house trained and crate trained. He loves to play with toys and other dogs as well as cuddle with people. He likes to fetch, too!...
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Edith AnnFebruary 2, 2014

adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHousetrainedMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 5 years Gender: Female 22 MAY 2014: Edith Ann is definitely all beagle! Very happy, curious, and active. She is house trained! She loves meeting people and dogs of all kinds on our walks. She is a real delight! 23 MARCH...
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EdgarJanuary 27, 2014


I've Been Adopted! Age: 6-7 years Gender: Male UPDATE - 2 May 2014: Edgar is a really affectionate beagle.  He loves to snuggle up to you and he makes the cutest grunts.  He hasn't been without his challenges (still working on housetraining... LOL).  He is probably older...
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EmilyJanuary 21, 2014

adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood for apartmentGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 6 years Gender: Female UPDATE - 10 May 2014: Emily is a very kind and affectionate beagle. She loves both other people and other dogs! She will play and wrestle with our other dogs until she gets tired and decides to either sun herself...
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