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FintonJanuary 11, 2015

Age: 8 Years Gender: Male
adultGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedmaleMedium

Available Soon!

UPDATE - 24 JANUARY 2015: Finton – Fin – has been doing very well.  He has made friends with our senior beagle, Shorty (age 13), and is good with people, big and small.  He does not seem to have an aggressive bone in his body.   Not...
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PumpkinOctober 27, 2014

Age: 1-2 Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidssmall

I've Been Adopted!

Pumpkin is a spunky 1- to 2-year-old female. She is smallish, about 19 pounds. She loves children and plays great with other dogs. Pumpkin came to BREW from a central Virginia shelter, and her history is unknown....
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SugarOctober 15, 2014

Age: 7-8 years Gender: Female
adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a cluePotties on leashsmall

I'm available!

Sugar 7-3
UPDATE - 7 DECEMBER 2014: Little Sugar has been with us for 2 weeks now. What a perfect house guest. She gets along great with her foster brothers and loves to cuddle with me when watching TV. And, don’t let her age fool you....
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JoeOctober 15, 2014

Age: 3 years Gender: Male
adultGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a cluemaleMedium

I'm Available!

UPDATE - 25 JANUARY 2015: Joe arrived yesterday, and at first he was just like Megan... frightened, scared to jump off of the couch and go down the stairs, and unsure of this "doggy door" thing.  He's settling in quite nicely though, and he and Megan...
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MeganOctober 14, 2014

Age: 3 years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedsmall

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 4 DECEMBER 2014: Megan (a.k.a. MR. Sparklepants, even though the kids know Megan is a girl!) has settled right in, and is a wonderful dog.  She will snuggle with you, your spouse, your kids, your mom, your neighbor, your mailman, the stranger down...
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Bella GraceOctober 12, 2014

Age: 5-6 years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedMediumPotties on leash

I've Been Adopted!

Bella Grace
UPDATE -4 DECEMBER 2014: Bella has undergone a 180 degree transformation since she first entered our home a few months ago.  Where before she was aloof and at times snappy with her foster brothers, she now is a snuggle bug and the main instigator of play...
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HenryJune 9, 2014

Age: 4-5 years Gender: Male
adultCrate-trainedGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a cluemaleMedium

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 4 NOVEMBER 2014: Come one, come all, to see the Amazing White-Spotted Ear Beagle!  Henry has settled in nicely in his foster home.  He has done exponentially better with house training, with no accidents to report in over a month.  Henry enjoys playing...
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RussellMarch 10, 2014

Age: 4 Years Gender: Male
Good with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted!


UPDATE - 2 May 2014: Russell is the sweetest boy.  He likes everyone.  He still has a lot of puppy in him and loves to run and play. While I do not normally crate my dogs, Russell will nap during the day in one...
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ChelseaMarch 8, 2014

adultBad for apartmentCrate-trainedFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a clueHousetrainedMediumPotties on leash

I've Been Adopted!Chelsea and her new brother!

Age: 9 years Gender: Female UPDATE - 1 MAY 2014: Chelsea has been a SUPER-STAR of a foster dog in her nearly two months in our home! She has 8.5 years of pet...
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BaileyFebruary 26, 2014

Age: 2-3 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidssmall

I've Been Adopted!


Bailey is a 2- to 3-year-old female beagle who isn't too happy about kennel life.  We suspect this little girl was someone's pet, and she appears to be clean and well kept.  She is seems to have already been spayed but needs vetting for confirmation. ...
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