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WilsonFebruary 3, 2015

Age: 6-8 months Gender: Male
Good with catsGood with dogsHas a cluemaleNeeds another dogPrefers no kidspuppyshysmall

I've Been Adopted!

Wilson (front) and foster brother
UPDATE - 5 MARCH 2015: Shy, little Wilson has been with me now for 5 days. He is so darn cute - plays with toys and loves hanging out with my other two dogs and two cats, especially my other beagle, Dante. Wilson is like Dante's...
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ScottieJanuary 31, 2015

Age: 3-4 Years Gender: Male
adultCrate-trainedGood with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedmaleMedium

Available Soon!

9 FEBRUARY 2015: Scottie has settled into his foster home!  He is in love with all of his foster brothers and sisters, both two and four legged (including cats!). He came in completely house- and crate-trained.  He is able to stay in his crate overnight without any issues...
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HudsonJanuary 24, 2015

Age: 3 Years Gender: Male
adultGood with catsGood with dogsmalesmall

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 24 JANUARY 2015: Hudson and Ash have adjusted quickly to their new foster home.  They have discovered the comfort of the couch, going in and out at will, and toys.  Of course, they need to learn some manners and be house-trained.  Any shyness or...
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AshJanuary 24, 2015

Age: 2 Years Gender: Male
Good with catsGood with dogsmalesmallyoung

I'm Available!

QUICK UPDATE - 28 FEBRUARY 2015: Ash had fun meeting new people and trying out a dog bed and a sweater at our February adoption event. His buddy, Hudson, was adopted, but Ash is still looking for his forever home! 24 JANUARY 2015: Ash and Hudson have...
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MichelleOctober 14, 2014

Age: 2-3 Years Gender: Female
adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHousetrainedsmall

I've Been Adopted!

Michelle at Beaglefest
QUICK UPDATE - 20 OCTOBER 2014: Michelle recently got back from a one-week "vacation" in another BREW foster home, where she had a blast playing with Charlie! She also enjoyed meeting lots of people and other dogs at Beaglefest. Back at her foster home, she continues to...
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MinnieOctober 13, 2014

Age: 4 years Gender: Female
adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHas a clueMediumPotties on leash

I'm Available and Looking For a Foster Home!

UPDATE - 2 DECEMBER 2014: Minnie arrived two days ago and is off to a great start in her foster home! She is a 27-pound, tri-color gal, with black highlights on her luxurious ears and around her muzzle. She’s very friendly and has done nicely with...
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DelaneyMarch 16, 2014

adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 3 years Gender: Female QUICK UPDATE - 27 MARCH 2014: They have only recently moved into a foster home, but Delaney's foster mom reports that she and her sister, Colleen are very sweet, seem to be house-trained, and are cat-tested and approved!...
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ColleenMarch 16, 2014

Age: 3 Years Gender: Female
adultFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsHousetrainedMedium

I've Been Adopted!

QUICK UPDATE - 13 MAY 2014: Colleen's sister has been adopted, but she loves, loves, loves to play with her new foster brother, Gunner, who is also available for adoption from BREW! 30 MARCH 2014: Colleen is a very happy little – well at 30...
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RussellMarch 10, 2014

Age: 4 Years Gender: Male
Good with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedmaleMedium

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 2 May 2014: Russell is the sweetest boy.  He likes everyone.  He still has a lot of puppy in him and loves to run and play. While I do not normally crate my dogs, Russell will nap during the day in one of the...
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ChelseaMarch 8, 2014

adultBad for apartmentCrate-trainedFemaleGood with catsGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a clueHousetrainedMediumPotties on leash

I've Been Adopted! Age: 9 years Gender: Female UPDATE - 1 MAY 2014: Chelsea has been a SUPER-STAR of a foster dog in her nearly two months in our home! She has 8.5 years of pet experience, and it shows – no accidents, no chewing other...
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