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EmilyJanuary 21, 2014

adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood for apartmentGood with dogsGood with kidsHousetrainedMedium

I've Been Adopted! Age: 6 years Gender: Female UPDATE - 10 May 2014: Emily is a very kind and affectionate beagle. She loves both other people and other dogs! She will play and wrestle with our other dogs until she gets tired and decides to either sun herself...
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KipJanuary 16, 2014


I've Been Adopted!  Age: 3-4 years Gender: Male NEW:  Kip used a Get Out of Jail Free card to escape the hustle and bustle of the boarding lifestyle for a few days. He enjoyed first class accommodations, fine dining, and abundant opportunities for relaxation, recreation...
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Ol’ RedJanuary 10, 2014

adultCrate-trainedGood with dogsHousetrainedmalesmall

I've Been Adopted! Age: 8 years Gender: Male UPDATE - 27 JANUARY 2014: Don't let Ol' Red's name or age fool you, this "old" dog still has a of spunk!  He is a very happy dog who loves to go on walks and when his nose...
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KringleDecember 12, 2013

Age: 8-9 years Gender: Male
adultCrate-trainedGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a cluemaleMediumPotties on leash

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 12 JANUARY 2015: Kringle here with an update for the the interwebz! I am active when the time allows and mellow when it counts. Being a mature boy, I enjoy lounging in the house and sleeping late. You can find me snuggled in a dog...
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FrostyDecember 8, 2013

adultCrate-trainedGood with catsGood with dogsHas a clueHousetrainedmaleMediumNeeds another dog

I've Been Adopted! Age: 6-7 years Gender: Male 18 JULY 2014: Sweet Frosty was adopted earlier this year but has come back to BREW through no fault of his own. He is moving into a foster home soon and would do best in a home with...
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MistletoeDecember 8, 2013

adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood with dogsGood with kidsHas a clueHigh EnergyMediumNeeds another dog

I've Been Adopted! Age: 2-3 years Gender: Female UPDATE - 22 JULY 2014: Mistletoe is aptly named as she is a very affectionate dog. Her favorite place to be is snuggled next to the nearest human or dog available. She loves to give kisses and receive belly...
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DimplesDecember 8, 2013

adultGood with catsGood with dogsHas a cluemalesmall

I've Been Adopted! Age: 5-6 years Gender: Male UPDATE - 3 FEBRUARY 2014:  Dimples is a fabulous little guy.  He packs a lot of happiness and wiggles into his 17 pounds.  Yes, he is a little guy too.  Which is great since I want to...
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TwilightDecember 8, 2013

adultCrate-trainedFemaleGood with dogsMediumshy

I've Been Adopted! Age: 4 years old Gender: Female UPDATE - 14 MARCH 2014: My name is Twilight and I am thought to be around 4 years old.  I am a beautiful tri-colored beagle with very inquisitive eyes that are a deep liquid brown.  My foster...
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ClausDecember 8, 2013

adultmaleMediumPrefers no kidsshy

I've Been Adopted! Age: 2 years Gender: Male UPDATE 4/15/2014: Claus is a sweet little boy who after 8 weeks of living with me has finally come out of his shell.  We have nicknamed him thumper because of the little prance that he does when you...
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HollyDecember 8, 2013


I've Been Adopted! Age: 4-5 years Gender: Female Holly is a 4-5 year-old female beagle. She was picked up as a stray in Louisa County with her pup, Christmas, and Claus.  She is friendly, but her history is unknown. She will be available for adoption once...
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