Sweet Potato

FemaleHigh Energypuppy
Published: December 1, 2011

I've been adopted!

Gender: Female

Age: 7 weeks as of Nov 28th

Hi there!  I’m Sweet Potato, but my foster home calls me Tater.

I like everybody I meet, and I like meeting everybody.  I went to the pet-supply store the other day and played with the cat that lives there, even cleaned his ears (he didn’t like that much, but lucky for me he just walks away from things he doesn’t like).

I ride pretty well in the car, although I do get a bit sulky about being crated.

I try really hard to keep my crate clean and dry.  I will tell you when I need out if I am in a crate, loudly.

I play with all of the dogs in my house, from ones not too much bigger than me to big ones, male and female, but if a dog doesn’t want to play and growls at me I go find somebody or something else to play with.

If things are too rowdy for me, I will look for my person and go hang out with them.  I tell my foster-human that I want picked up by sitting in front of them, but other people I still jump up at to be picked up.  I like to be cuddled and will happily fall asleep in your lap or arms when I’m tired.

If I get put in my crate when I’m not ready, I WILL tell you about it for a bit, but I generally settle down fairly quickly.

[blockquote1]I am a puppy, so I have pretty much two speeds, 100mph and dead stop, but am I ever cute!

Oh, yea, gotta watch me around paper, I love to chew it and tear it up and eat it!

So, looking to add a nice young lady who knows how to play and have a good time and cuddle nicely to your family?  If so, contact B.R.E.W.!

Sponsored by: Karen & Kurt Ehrlich

6 Responses

  1. Laura

    We submiIted an application for her last week and have not been contacted. Can you confirm that you’ve received it?

  2. Kate

    Where are these little loves located?

  3. Kim

    How adorable she is and all your pups. I am looking for a female beagle puppy.

  4. Mike

    we also think that this puppy is cute.

    • Laura

      Mike, please fill out and submit an adoption application on our website. We’d love to help you find a beagle companion.

  5. Karen

    She is such an angel!!!!

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