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Published: August 20, 2013

I've  Been Adopted!

Age: 4 + months

Gender: Male

NEW (and new pictures!!!!!):  Surprise is now 4 1/2 months old and weighs 10 lbs. He looks like a mix of a border terrier and jack russell terrier and beagle.

We have a schipperke terrier - she's our oldest and only female. She's a spunky 15 pound little thing and I think she and Surprise know they are special. She has NEVER taken to any pup like she has Surprise. He is  young, very smart and just a great little guy. Pretty much fully house-trained. He follows along with our dogs like he's one of them. He deserves a very special home where he can just be loved.


Original info:  Look at those beautiful eyes! Hard to believe this little guy's story. Last week, police were called to a shopping strip in Baltimore and while there, they found a cardboard box in the parking lot. Inside the box was this little guy: a practically-hairless puppy that resembled a beagle. He was dehydrated, malnourished, and hairless from mange (the kind that comes from a poor start in life).

The police knew of a cat rescue lady so they called her. She took the pup to her vet and they immediately provided water, food, and initial care for the mange. The first photo is of him at the clinic, clearly sad and miserable.

After a number of calls, she found BREW and asked us for help. We couldn't turn this little guy down and he arrived at our clinic on Saturday, August 17th.

He is estimated to be about 12 weeks old. He's already feeling MUCH better (food and care will do that to a pup!). He's happy, vocal, and a total chow hound. Check out this latest photo from Saturday.

While he's out of immediate danger, he still needs a lot of care. Because of his poor nutrition and complete lack of care from the beginning, Surprise will need treatment for his mange every day for the next 30 days.

Friends of Surprise:  Elizabeth Docteur In Honor of Elvis and Mighty Mouse, Our first beagles, rescues and much loved, Bethany Vangrin, Carol Bull, Mary Hughes, Joli Huelskamp, John Albino, Pamela Bort, Willie (fellow BREW beagle) Mondello, Mary Jo Ondrejka, JoAnne Linsell. Joan Vaughn, Leslie Cradlin, Kathleen Norton, Lucy Wise-Gladwell, Deborah Hagan, Megan O’Karma, Tricia Tipon, John Caldwell, Victor Garcia, Sherman and Pamela Litten, Susan Haas, Larry Irving, Cheryl Herold, Maureen Edwards, Sharon Marsh, Peter Bach, Jenifer Schreiner, Sarah Scarbro, Cary Nugent, Margaret Stauth, Christine Atkinson, Bob Reed, Terry Stevenson, Carrolynn Hammersmith, Andrew Masloski, Laura Hayden, Rhonda Lehtinen, Ingrid Carlson, Susan Harsh, Deborah Griffith, Lynda Lanning, Jane Dintaman, Clare Gwyer, Erin Seney, Maureen Edwards, Jenifer Schreiner, Sara Scarbro, Cary Nugent, Andrew Dresher, Lenora Stevenson, Susan Brigham, Maria Allen, John Rich, Christine Murray, Elizabeth Docteur, David Osborn, William Gray, Joseph Mondello, Joli Huelskamp, Mary Hughes, Carol Bull, Sharon Marsh, Bethany Vangrin, Barbara Lindley














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  1. Joyce Hoopes

    I’m so happy for Surprise. Maybe those adopting him are willing to let us see just who he turns out to be. Whoever you are Thank you so much for accepting this little guy. I hope you all have a great future.

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