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Published: August 28, 2016

I've Been Adopted!

25 AUGUST 2016: Surprise is coming around nicely. She hasn't had accidents in the house or her crate and is getting used to going in and out of doors.  Surprise loves to chew bones and play with the other dogs!  I am now getting licks on the hands, too!

19 APRIL 2016: One of BREW's volunteers recently got a call from a man concerning a beagle that had been abandoned at the end of his road a few weeks ago.  She would follow cars like she was lost, and they were afraid she would get hit.  Several people had been caring for her, but she hadn't been seen in about a week when our volunteer went by to look for her.  As the volunteer was getting ready to leave, she came walking up the road. She was apprehensive, but decided to come toward the volunteer, who was able to get her into the car and home. This little Surprise is a fairly small young adult.  She will be vetted and available soon!

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  1. Where is surprise? Can we meet her and introduce our other beagle?
    What is cost of adopting her? Thanks

    • Erin

      Hello, Gail – Surprise is currently located in Virginia. Our adoption fee is $250 and includes spay/neuter and vaccines (and often other vetting). You have the option to meet available dogs once you have started the application process or if you attend an adoption event (note that not all dogs attend any given event — they are marked on their profiles a few days ahead of the event if attending). Do note that while Surprise is currently available, she does have some interest already, but we can certainly work with you to find a good match if you do apply. Please take a look at our adoption process HERE if you are interested in applying. Thanks for your interest!

  2. How much does Surprise weigh? What size beagle is she?


    • Erin

      Hi, Hope – I don’t have an exact weight on Surprise, but beagles listed as “small” are typically 20 pounds or less. Thanks for your interest!

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