Super Abby

Published: April 22, 2011


Abby here - once known as Verona when I lived with my foster family. I now live with my two people they call them self's Anna Lee and Josh. I'm getting ready for my first winter in Illinois it's getting could but that's OK by me I have I big warm blanket I get to call my own. So I get rip it up or try to take it where ever I go and don't get yelled at for doing so. As long as I stay away from the TV remote. It's all good. Learned that one the hard way but I never did it again cause they gave me all the Nay-la bones I can chew on it's great. I got to go to school and they taught me obedience I past puppy training with flying colors. And intermediate training was good. All tho could work on heal a little more often. My nose tends to get the better of me. Josh my dad says if I work better on that. that I could become a therapy dog and go through TDI testing so I'm trying my best because I want to great and sniff all the people I can. And play with all the kids that I can. And show how much fun beagles are.

Well that's it for now - I think I hear somebody digging in the treat jar. Bye!

P.S. if you would like to see more pics of me having fun check out my myspace @

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