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Published: August 9, 2011

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Age: young adult

Gender: Male

Stanley is a super cute, little (20 pounds) beagle boy. Although no longer a puppy, he still has many puppy traits such as boundless energy, chewing everything (dog toys only) and wanting to constantly jump in your lap. He loves to chew on soft toys and pull out the stuffing, nylabones and deer antlers. Stanley loves it when you let him sit on your lap and hold a nylabone for him to chew. But he will also happily chew them on the floor by himself. Did I mention he’s housetrained? So you can have a puppy, but don’t have to go through the housetraining.

He gets along with my two cats, having learned very early on his stay that if gets too close they will swat him. So now he keeps his distance. Occasionally they will rub on him and this confuses him because he thinks they want to play. Now he knows they just like to tease him.
Stanley does very well in his crate. No whimpers or barking. He rarely barks at all. Mostly just to let us know there might be a dog walking by, but only if he hears their tags. He gets along with my older beagle and when we go for walks he’ll let other dogs (big and small) give a sniff. He does tend to pull on walks, especially if he sees a rabbit! We brought him to a pet happy hour and he was happy to run and chase other dogs in the fenced-in play area.

Basically, Stanley is a great dog. He has learned to sit for a treat and is learning to come when called. Sometimes, he will even fetch a dog toy. He also loves to go on runs with my husband. Although he has high energy, he will settle and take a nap. Doesn’t he sound practically perfect?

Stanley is a smallish (20 pound) beagle boy from Franklin County VA. He is said to be house trained (but we will know more about that when he gets to a foster home). He rides very well in the car, looking out the window and then napping quietly. He greets people and dogs alike with a happy, positive attitude!

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5 Responses

  1. Sue Hunter

    Yes I was. Am I on the wrong site?

  2. I was just approved by Brew and inquiring about this very special beagle.

    • Laura

      Sue, were you possibly approved through BREW Mid-West?

  3. karla goussen

    I am filling out a adoption application for him.I absolutley love him I just want to know about how old he is and if hes hyper or a calm,doggy.

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