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Published: March 14, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

2 MAY 2017: In a mere two days, Stan has fully mastered housetraining. He loves to hang out in his crate in his special little beddy. When we take him outside he moves to the car in hopes that we will take him for another mystery ride. Stan enjoys exploring the neighborhood. A neighbor's pitbull threw him on his back when he was sniffing too intrusively and Stan picked himself up, said "I got it," and walked off. Yearbook slogan: Old enough to know better. He is the sweetest little fella going.

30 APRIL 2017: Since coming to our house, Stan's tail has never stopped wagging. He loves going on walks and is so easy to lead; he poops and pees while on the leash. Stan is working on housetraining and stays quietly in his crate. He gets along really well with our other dogs. As a senior activist, Stan has a comment for everything (but he has yet to bark). When he was preparing to leave with us, he was a little nervous which he expressed by saying "oh! oh!" Today when he saw a little girl he wanted to meet and she was scared and ran the other way, he actually laughed at her "Ha! Ha!" Stan adores children and when we came upon a group of little girls who piled on to him, patting him and pulling his tail, Stan was in his element; his tail was going thump, thump. Stan is quite courageous. He walked on to a dock which was swaying wildly in the river today and Stan stepped boldly onto it. Stan had a bath last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. He loves to ride in the car. Stan is a really fun dog who is ready for any adventure you have in mind!

7 APRIL 2017: Stanley has some great new photos, and his caretaker reports that he is a super sweet little guy!

Stanley is an approximately 8-year-old, 20-pound male beagle who was an owner give-up at the Louisa County, Virginia shelter. He is fully vetted and ready for a new start in a foster or forever home!

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