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Published: February 15, 2012


Age: 4-5

Gender: Male

3/2/12: Meet Sprocket! He's a mellow guy who enjoys getting belly rubs. Sprocket is a bit of a couch potato, but he gets very excited for food and treats. He learned to sit for a treat and take it gently from my hand. Although he does enjoy his food, he doesn't gobble up his food like many beagles. He also likes to chew on nylabones and deer antlers and is learning how to get food out of a kong. Sprocket hasn't had a single accident since being in my house and it's likely he was in a home before since he was already neutered when BREW picked him up at the shelter.

Sprocket is generally good on his walks. He doesn't pull going forward, but sometimes he likes to take his time and sniff all the spring buds that are popping up, as well as the usual animal smells in our neighborhood. Therefore, he sometimes he needs a little coaxing to keep that forward momentum going.  He stays in the crate during the workday, but in his forever home could have run of the house as I haven't noticed him chewing on anything he shouldn't. He's doing great in the crate. I haven't heard a peep from him, except for a little whining when you first get home because he's so excited to see us! Sprocket didn't understand our stairs at first (they're very steep), but now he has no problems going up and down all on his own.
He's a sweet guy that loves getting pet or hugged. Come meet this boy if you're looking for a mellow guy who's content to snooze in his bed or chew his toys.

This is Sprocket - he's super friendly and great with other dogs. We don't know a lot about him so stay tuned here. His foster family will send us updates.


12 Responses

  1. Pat Daly

    Hi Laura,

    Is Sprocket still available?


  2. Donna M. Lebisly

    I have just completed by on-line adoption application and paid the adoption fee through Pay Pal. I have been looking at Sprocket for the past week. Great beagle eyes. I was hoping to adopt a male beagle between the ages of 2-3 years with black and tan markings.

    Donna M. Lebisly

  3. Pat Daly

    Success! My application was successfully submitted. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Pat Daly

    Sprocket looks like the perfect little guy for us. We lost our daschund to cancer a little more than year ago and just can’t get used to not having a canine companion. We’re going to get the process started tomorrow and hope to meet Sprocket real soon.

    • Laura w/ BREW

      Pat, We look forward to seeing your application and working with you. Sprocket is a great beagle!

      • Pat Daly

        Hi Laura,
        I filled out the adoption application twice today, but when I got to the pa pal part I lost the whole application twice I had to go back to work, so I’ll have to try again.

      • Pat Daly

        Hi Laura. Just wondering if you received my application.

  5. Hello, we saw Sprocket on a friends facebook page and wondered if he is still available. He sounds like a great fit with our family. We live in the Toledo area and would love to meet him if he still needs a forever home.

  6. Jo Brown

    Such an adorable and well behaved fellow! It is so great to hear the individual dogs’ stories from the fosters who have gotten to know them. Wishing Sprocket all the very best!

  7. Deb Szymanik

    He is adorable. Love the photo of him resting – what a beautiful face.

  8. Heather Field

    Darling Sprocket! I know just what Colleen means! I can’t have another dog right now, but there is literally NO beagle in the world I don’t want to love up. Smooches to Sprocket!

  9. Colleen

    Oh my goodness!

    It is because of dogs like him that I should not return to this site. It is like an alcoholic going to a bar! Good luck this weekend! We’ll be out of town… probably a good thing or I’d be there “just to look!”

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