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Published: August 27, 2017

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 7 November 2017: Spotty is back to looking for a foster home or his furever home. His high energy can be a bit of a challenge, so he needs a home where he can get lots of exercise, attention, and training. Spotty needs room to run (maybe a doggie door, but with a very secure and tall fence) or easy access to a dog park. Spotty would do best with an experienced dog owner who can help him with separation anxiety and just anxiety in general. Spotty is good with children but would be better with older children due to his high energy. Spotty needs someone who has lots of time and attention to lavish on the boy. In his previous foster home, he did great with the resident older female dog who mothered and played with him. Spotty gets along with other dogs and cats but squirrels are his avowed enemies. He will chase them. Spotty wants to be a good boy - he just needs someone with lots of time, patience, and a desire to work with a beautiful, high energy boy.

UPDATE - 15 October 2017 For those who visited Beaglefest yesterday, please know that Spotty was at his outrageous worst. Overstimulated and overstressed, Spotty was barking continuously, trying to go under the fence, and mounting other dogs after about 20 minutes. He is not like this at home where we rarely hear him bark unless a squirrel has the nerve to get into his line of vision. Spotty is a lovely boy with some growing up to do and needs people that believe in him.

UPDATE - 9 October 2017: Spotty is the antidote for boredom. Today when his foster dad went to check on the other dogs, Spotty knocked over his bowl of oatmeal and ate it up. He said "Hey, I saved you from an incredibly boring meal!" Spotty is wild about squirrels and almost leapt over a 5 foot fence at the dog park today in pursuit of one; his front paws went over the top! Spotty figures things out for himself. Judging from the tooth marks all over the front doorknob, he learned that you really need a hand to open it. At the same time, this is an immensely loving dog who will be a devoted forever companion to the right person.

UPDATE - 5 October 2017: Recently Spotty had his first tub bath; he was completely compliant and stood very still but I could feel him trembling. That describes Spotty's winning personality in a nutshell: he so wants to please! At the dog park, Spotty charmed all the other dog parents by chasing the other dogs barking as they ran about. "He's just like the little brother yelling 'Play with me!'" cried one of the moms. When all the other dogs turned to chase Spotty, he was delighted and zoomed around gleefully. He is an excellent exercise partner; Spotty will make the right person a devoted forever companion.

UPDATE - 28 SEPTEMBER 2017: Spotty continues his charming ways, becoming more house- and leash-savvy every day. He loves examining every inch of the yard, reacting with such astonishment when he comes upon a cricket hopping or a toad resting that he almost falls down with excitement. Spotty enjoys playing, gently grabbing your hand in his mouth to signal that it's time to roughhouse. When it's time to nap, Spotty will lean his weight onto you and just collapse, immediately snoring. Spotty is a pleasure to have and reciprocates all the attention he gets.

UPDATE - 23 SEPTEMBER 2017: Standing 17 inches tall and weighing 25 pounds, Spotty is just like an adolescent boy, fleet of foot and stout of heart, gangly of limb. The vet recommended that he could add a few pounds to his Iggy Pop frame which she predicted would happen once his metabolism slows down. During our walk in the park today, many people commented on what a handsome fellow Spotty is, with his Dudley Do-Right square jaw and regal posture. Spotty has lived with us two weeks now with not one accident in the house. On walks, Spotty does really well with calm dogs, modeling their behavior, or alone, he will walk on a loose leash. He responds to the kind, reassuring word and he seeks to please. Meet him once and you will say "Beam me up, Spotty!"

UPDATE - 16 SEPTEMBER 2017: Spotty is looking for a home with a large yard and some kids to play with. He is an energetic, tall, narrow, puppy-like lover who actively seeks out attention and believes every object in the world is a toy. He will hop right into my lap to stare into my face, asking what is more important than him. Spotty is extremely athletic and has been known to urinate with BOTH hind legs in the air. He gets along really well with the other dogs and cats. Spotty definitely has a clue about house training but he could use some work on walking on the leash as he believes his main objective is to cover ground quickly, there is a lot to discover out there!! Careful around those open doors which are open invitations to go exploring.  Spotty has been quiet in the house, navigates the stairs like Rocky, and loves to be loved; a real cuddlebug. He has a tremendous sense of humor and he adores playtime.

First impressions: Spotty is a handsome 2-year-old neutered and fully vetted beagle. He's super friendly and good with other dogs. He was a stray at the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter in Virginia, and his history is unknown.

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