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Published: February 24, 2014

I've Been Adopted!

UPDATE - 31 JANUARY 2015: Spot continues to do well in our house. He enjoyed romping around in the snow. He is pretty much housetrained and is perfectly fine being in his crate while we are at work. At night he sleeps in his dog bed in the bedroom. He could probably have full run of the house as we have not noticed him chewing on non-dog toys. Spot is also a cuddle bug and just wants you to pet his ears and kiss his head. He is a very sweet boy.

28 OCTOBER 2014: Spot is a nice boy. He is a little submissive with people and dogs (especially when on leash), but once he gets to know you he sticks to you like glue. Spot joined our household three weeks ago. Since then he appears to be house-trained as there have been no accidents since his first day. He also learned how to go up and down our stairs by himself last week! Now that he’s mastered this he will follow either me or my husband everywhere we go. Spot just loves to be near his humans. He has also learned to sit for a treat.

During the work day, Spot stays in his crate. He is fine with our cats and tries to avoid them. On our walks Spot is generally good. However, if he catches a scent then he will pull to sniff it. Sometimes an unexpected movement will make him skittish. This can include a blowing leaf or seeing his reflection in a car. If a dog runs up to him, he will be a little scared. But he’ll let them sniff. We have put him in doggie daycare, and he appears to be fine with other dogs his size.

Spot would probably do best in a home without small children because he loves attention and will jump on you until you pet him. However, once he gets some affection he will calm down and curl up in whatever room you’re in. Spot has turned into a very nice, sweet and affectionate beagle that really just loves being around people. If you want a dog that will greet you with super enthusiasm when you get home, Spot’s the beagle for you.

Original info: Spot is a 3-year-old neutered male beagle who is fully vetted and ready to go!!  He was an owner give-up because he didn't hunt.  He is friendly, a little submissive and gets along great with small children and other dogs.



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